Backyard Trellis or Pergola

5 Reasons to Install a Pergola On Your Residential Property

Much like your home, your backyard should be your private haven. It should be the one place outside your home where you, your loved ones, and your friends can unwind and relax after a busy day. One way to make your yard inviting is by installing a pergola.

Did you know that pergolas have been in existence since 1400 BC? While that might seem like a long time, it goes to prove that pergolas are an important part of your backyard landscape. The only difference with the modern pergola is that it’s not only for the wealthy but for everyone who wants one. So, here are five reasons to install a pergola.


One major benefit of installing pergolas and trellises is the versatility they offer. As mentioned earlier, pergolas have been used across the world for several centuries. These wall-less structures do more than one thing. They can be used as:

Shade: If you want a place you can get out of the sun while enjoying your backyard, you can install a pergola. Pergolas can provide you and your loved ones with different degrees of shade from the heat of the sun’s rays. The best part is that it still provides shade while keeping your desired modern, stylish profile.

Deck Overhang or Patio: You can use a pergola to create an eye-catching patio for your outdoor entrance. Most people use pergolas to match their home’s indoor style outdoors. Others use it to create an ideal room where they can relax or entertain while enjoying the sunshine and nature.

Walkway Cover: Other people choose to use a pergola to create a walkway cover for their garage or another part of the home. As a walkway cover, pergolas from Central Florida Landscape Design can help keep people and pets dry and safe during extreme weather.


If your backyard is the one place you go to for privacy, why not add a pergola? The beauty of pergolas is that you can build and tailor them to exactly what you want. For instance, a pergola will provide the privacy you require if you want to install a hot tub in your yard. You can also use the privacy of a pergola to keep your nosy neighbor off your business.

If you are looking to create a secluded sitting area for you and your loved ones, the privacy a pergola provides can help tie the place together. You can have a wall designed with a pergola; while this might be expensive, it gives you the peace and privacy you desire.

Easy to Maintain and Install

Pergolas are easy to maintain and install, unlike any other part of your yard. However, for it to be efficient, you need to have the right design. Neglecting certain important factors can make the pergolas difficult to install and maintain. So, how do you choose the right pergola, especially one that’s easy to install and maintain? Here are a few tips:

Consider your outdoor space: What dimensions does your yard have? Is your yard uneven, has rough spots, or is it always wet? Do you have natural obstacles or overhanging trees? The answers to this question make it easier to know where and how you should install a pergola.

Your local weather: Is it warm all year round? Do you frequently get heavy sunshine? Are ice and snow frequent winter visitors? Understanding every aspect of the weather makes it easy to install the right pergola for your backyard.

However, ensure that you go to an experienced landscaper who will help you get the right pergola for your yard.

Increased Property Value

If you are looking for a way to increase the value of your home, other than renovating your home’s interior, why not add a pergola? A well-maintained, well-built, and long-lasting landscape feature like a pergola is a significant investment that can help to increase the value of your home. So, how does a pergola add value to a home? A quality and well-maintained pergola helps boost your home’s value in the following ways.

First, a pergola increases the financial perspective of your home. The more money invested into your home, the more money the house gets back after making a sale. This perspective is true whether you upgrade your kitchen or build an outdoor pergola.

The second reason is that a pergola is currently trendy. Most homebuyers are willing to pay slightly more for a well-designed, attractive outdoor space like a pergola. After all, what’s there not to like about the style, sophistication, and shade of a pergola?

However, for a pergola to increase your property value, you must ensure that it stays in good condition for long. But for a pergola to remain in perfect condition for a long time, it has to be built with quality materials. With the help of an expert landscaper, you can choose the right material for the pergola that withstands different weather conditions and other factors.

Enhanced Landscape Potential

Every backyard deserves a garden as a focal point. And a high-quality pergola can help bring out the potential of your landscape. You display interesting plants like vines with a pergola by hanging them on the poles. This allows the vines to meander up the pergola posts gracefully.

You could also enhance your landscape by placing seasonal plants in a pot to help create a peaceful ambiance. The plants can also serve as a nice break from the humidity and heat of warm summers. Both people and plants can enjoy the shady comfort of the pergola.

The above five reasons are enough to convince you why you should use a pergola. However, it’s important to ensure that the pergola you install should be made of quality material. Therefore, ensure that you choose a landscaper that will help make your dream pergola a reality. At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we want to help make your yard the envy of your neighbors.

Thanks to our landscape installation service, we can help transform your yard by installing a low-maintenance pergola. You can schedule a free consultation by calling (352) 394-3318. You can also email us at


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