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In Dr. Phillips, FL, Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm stands as a beacon of excellence in landscaping services. From our intricate landscaping designs to the warm glow of our fire features, we’ve mastered the art of blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Beyond our diverse range of services, our commitment to clients sets us apart. Every project reflects our reliability, unbridled passion, and keen attention to detail. At Highland Grove, it’s not just about reshaping landscapes; it’s about creating lifelong memories and outdoor spaces that resonate with your dreams.

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Landscaping Services in Dr. Phillips, FL

In the beautiful surroundings of Dr. Phillips, FL, our landscaping services stand out for their attention to detail and unyielding commitment to quality. As one of the region’s top landscaping companies, we specialize in landscape installation and design that reimagines and revitalizes spaces. Whether you are seeking a serene escape in your backyard or a rejuvenating lawn oasis, we’ve got you covered

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Landscape Installation

Landscape installation is a pivotal aspect of our services. In Dr. Phillips, our team transforms visions into tangible realities. Combining nature’s essentials with advanced techniques guarantees a lush and vibrant landscape. Our dedicated landscape specialists ensure every tree, shrub, and grass blade is impeccably placed, setting the foundation for a lasting, green haven.

Landscape Design

Mastering the art of landscape design, we craft functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Every landscape we design in Dr. Phillips speaks of innovation and creativity, making us one of the preferred landscaping companies in the area.

Landscape Garden Design

Our landscape garden design services are unmatched for those in Dr. Phillips seeking an intricate blend of flora and design. With a deep understanding of regional flora, each tree and plant is chosen to complement and enhance the garden’s design. Creating harmonious layouts pleasing to the eye and nurturing for the soul, our designs stand out among landscaping companies.

Landscape Irrigation

Ensuring your landscape remains lush and vibrant throughout the year, our landscape irrigation solutions in Dr. Phillips are top-notch. From the initial design to maintenance, our systems are crafted to provide optimal water distribution. Our irrigation services ensure your landscape gets the right amount of water without wastage, promoting sustainability and health.

Outdoor Lighting Installation Near You

Illuminating your outdoor spaces, our outdoor lighting installation services enhance the beauty of your Dr. Phillips property. Every light is strategically placed to accentuate the beauty of your landscape, making nights as enchanting as days. This service perfectly complements the landscaping, adding an element of mystique to your outdoors.

Outdoor space night lightning



Dr. Philip Phillips played a significant role in the Florida citrus industry. Between 1929 and 1931, he spearheaded an initiative to enhance the flavor of canned orange juice. A specialized “flash” pasteurization method greatly improved the quality of orange juice. This breakthrough was accompanied by a vast marketing strategy to introduce the improved juice to the masses.

The Dr. Phillips area in Orlando pays homage to Philip Phillips, an influential Central Florida citrus industry figure. His pioneering efforts in orange juice processing and packaging have left an indelible mark on the industry.

Doctor Phillips is a delightful suburb near Orlando, boasting a population of 12,368. Situated in Orange County, it’s recognized as one of Florida’s top places to reside. The community in Doctor Phillips enjoys a close-knit suburban ambiance, with most of its residents being homeowners.

Indeed, Philip Phillips hailed from Memphis, Tennessee, born to Henri and Isabelle Phillipe, originally from France. He acquired his medical degree from the renowned Columbia University in New York. Owing to this accomplishment, he was affectionately called “Doc” throughout his life.

Serving Dr. Phillips, FL, with Our Landscaping Services

Situated near the vibrant Universal Orlando Resort in Florida’s heart, Dr. Phillips is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Its vast estates, pristine golf courses, and the lively Sand Lake Road—home to ‘Restaurant Row’ with diverse culinary offerings—highlight the suburb’s refined tastes. Additionally, The Mall at Millenia offers the finest designer collections for those with an eye for luxury.

Yet, the allure of Dr. Phillips doesn’t end there. Just a short drive away is the enchanting Walt Disney World® Resort, where fairy tales come to life. Dive deep into fantasies at the iconic Magic Kingdom Park or journey around the globe in a day at Epcot. And for those who want to make the most of their evenings in town, the ‘Dollar Off Drinks’ offers are a steal, allowing one to enjoy the vibrant nightlife without lightening the wallet too much.

Occupying an area of 4.718 mi² and standing tall at an elevation of 121 ft, Dr. Phillips seamlessly marries its upscale lifestyle with a touch of magic and adventure. Acknowledging its charm, Highland Grove Landscaping & Nursery offers landscaping services tailored to resonate with its distinct elegance. Whether you’re returning from a mesmerizing parade at Magic Kingdom Park or a globe-trotting adventure at Epcot, our landscapes promise a serene sanctuary for relaxation. We aim to enhance Dr. Phillips’ beauty with every project, ensuring the suburb shines brightly day and night.