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Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is a local, full-service landscaping company that offers a wide array of services in Windermere, including landscape design and installation, irrigation services, hardscape installations, and more. We know that life can get busy, and your garden and landscape may suffer due to it. Our landscapers in Windermere can help you maintain your garden or front yard and keep your property looking stunning with our professional landscaping solutions.

We can install, maintain, and advise you on any old landscaping features you may have that could negatively impact the value of your home. Through personalized services, you can rest assured that our landscaping solutions will not only meet but exceed your expectations while turning your property into the envy of your neighborhood.

Premier Landscaping Services Across Windermere

There is a notion that if you simply do routine landscape maintenance and water your lawn, it will look amazing all year round. But through our experience, we have realized that this is not always the case. Even if you do routine maintenance, you still need proper guidance and a professional look to ensure that your space looks fantastic year-round.

That is why our landscaping company can help you from the very start. We can help you with your Windermere landscape design by providing a customized strategy to suit your landscape needs. We can assist you whether you have a clear vision or you need help fine-tuning.

We have a team of skilled Central Florida Landscapers with years of experience to help you with this process. We take care of everything, from the planning to the heavy lifting. You can rely on us to keep you updated as we ask for your guidance through the entire process. 

Your Go-To Landscape Renovation Company in Windermere

We understand the need to access your landscaper or have them located close by quickly. It can be quite frustrating and expensive to have your Windermere landscaping company located far away from you. Even if all you need to do is pick up the phone and call them, if they are not local, they may not understand the landscape needs of your area.


That is why as the landscapers Windermere, FL, we are located at the heart of Clermont. Use the 561 Road highway and find us located right between Sugarloaf Mountain Road and Howey Cross Road.


Through our experiences, we have learned and acquired the right machinery, techniques, plants, and most importantly, the right timing. We will educate you on all these Windermere landscape design steps so that when we start the project, you can have the confidence and the peace of mind to know that your vision will unfold at the end of it all.

Windermere's Most Affordable Landscapers

Many people simply do not use landscaping services because they are too expensive. Many sacrifice their weekends to tend to their yards and maintain the landscape. However, it is often not enough and could lead to costly landscape maintenance down the line. We work with only experienced Windermere landscape renovation experts, meaning we can do the job quickly without compromising quality.


That is why we have a wide range of affordable services to suit your needs. We go a step further by offering customized packages so that you only pay for what you want. 

Our Landscaping Services

Landscaping Design

A stunning landscape begins with a special design as unique as the consumer who seeks it out. To create a unique look for your property, let your imagination go wild with varied textures, forms, color palettes, and sizes. Alternatively, we may meet with you to collaborate on bringing your concept to life, or we can work with an existing design you already have.

Landscape & Yard Renovation

A lush, green environment improves your reputation in the neighborhood, preserves and boosts the value of your home, and safeguards your investment. Depending on your demands, we have several maintenance workers who will be dispatched to your site. We are accessible when you need us, whether it's weekly property maintenance or a one-time cleanup, which is one less item to fit into your already hectic schedule.

Whole sale Plant Nursery

Our landscape plant nursery gives other landscapers a variety of plants to choose from. The proper selection of plants for your customer’s indoor and outdoor needs is waiting at our plant nursery. We serve all other landscapers in and around Windermere, FL. Contact us to get started.


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When it comes to landscape diversity, you can depend on us. Our broad spectrum of services ensures you not only know the options available, but you can also find the right option that suits your needs.
On the surface, yes, you can. But you need a lot of experience and knowledge to do a proper job. While it may be more expensive in the short run to hire a landscaping company, in the long run, it can help you cut costs by having an easy-to-maintain lawn that will last many years..
Hardy plants have a reputation for flourishing in adverse conditions. However, hardy plants are divided into cold weather and hot weather hardy plants. In the extreme ends of the northern and southern hemispheres, cold-weather hardy plants do well. While within the tropics, where many deserts are located, the hot weather plants flourish. You need to work with an expert who can properly guide you to make the right choice for the central Florida climate.