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Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is a local, full-service landscaping company that offers a wide array of landscaping services in Orlando, including landscape design and installation, irrigation services, hardscape installations, and many others.


We can install, maintain, and advise you on the old landscaping features that may hurt your home’s value. Through personalized services, you can expect our landscaping solutions to meet and exceed your expectations while turning your property into the envy of your neighborhood.

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Premier Landscaping Services Near Orlando

You need professional landscapers Orlando to work with when planning a new landscaping feature, a complete overhaul of your yard and its current landscape design, or other landscaping-related projects. The quality of your landscaping contractor will affect the outcome of your project. As a local landscaping Orlando company, we have built an unparalleled and unrivaled reputation over the years.

Our team has the training, experience needed to get each job done. We are one call away, and we offer an initial consultation meeting where we get to know you and your plans for your property. When designing your landscape we take into account and understand that each property is unique, and so are your preferences. Our Orlando landscape renovation process is detailed and designed to include you on the team. We will consult with you at each step, deliberate and offer recommendations where needed, and ultimately deliver results that greater than your imagination.

As an environmentally friendly company, trust us to have a fantastic selection of plants adaptable to the local climate. Our plant nursery offers other landscapers an array of options to choose from, with recommendations based on the level of maintenance commitment you’re willing to make.

Your Go-To Landscape Renovation Company in Orlando

When your residential or commercial property begins to lose its edge and appeal, a great way to address this decline is to revamp your landscaping Orlando. Our professional landscapers at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm are at your service, ready to work closely with you to revamp your property and make it the envy of the neighborhood.


Our landscapers, Orlando, are detailed and will ensure that all the crucial areas of the project are taken care of, from the site inspection and planning to the measurement and layout, design and material selection, and ultimately the installation.

Our Landscape Design Services are Affordable to all Homeowners

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is a local landscaping company. We are committed to the interests of our customers and so keep our services affordably priced by offering competitive pricing for all landscaping needs, whether you want new landscaping features installed or you need an update to your existing design.


Our Orlando landscape design brings out the best in your property by adding color and appeal to it. You can discuss your design ideas with us to get started.

Our Landscaping Services

Landscaping Design

Our Orlando landscaping design takes every aspect of your building into account. We ensure that the final product gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Your property can begin to command the respect it deserves at the end of our Orlando landscape renovation.

Landscape & Garden Renovation

Are you tired of your dull-looking yard? Contact us for your Orlando landscape renovation needs. Our services breathe life into your yard and convert it into the perfect outdoor space for you to spend time and enjoy nature. Get the garden you’ve always wanted today!

Whole sale Plant Nursery

The proper selection of plants for your customer’s indoor and outdoor needs is waiting at our plant nursery. We serve all other landscapers in and around Orlando, FL. Contact us to get started.


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