Outdoor Fireplace Installation: Fire Pit Installers

Enhance your outdoors with our outdoor fire feature design and installation service in Central Florida. Our fire pits offer more than beauty; they’re a sustainable, low-maintenance lifestyle enhancement crafted to endure winter weather and enhance your outdoor space’s natural appeal.


What sets our hardscaping company apart:


  • Over 24 years of experience
  • Personalized, low-maintenance projects

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Custom Fireplace Builders in Central Florida

We understand the allure of bespoke fire features in transforming your outdoor space. Our dedicated team of contractors specializes in crafting unique fire pit designs and elegant fireplaces, tailoring each element to match your personal aesthetic and functional desires. 


As a leading outdoor fire feature installation company near you, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn your vision into a reality. Our process is designed to ensure every fire feature we create resonates with the comforts of home, blending seamlessly into your lifestyle and outdoor environment. Let us elevate your outdoor space with a fire feature distinctly yours.

Outdoor Firepit Design Contractors

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we provide specialized outdoor firepit design services tailored to meet the unique needs of your landscape. Understanding the functional and aesthetic aspects of fire pit design, our team works closely with you to develop a plan that optimizes your outdoor living space. Our contractors are skilled in various design approaches, ensuring your firepit fits seamlessly into your existing garden or patio setting. 

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Outdoor Fireplace Installation Service

Installing an outdoor fireplace can significantly enhance your outdoor living experience. Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm offers professional outdoor fireplace installation services. Our knowledgeable installers work with various materials and designs, from traditional brick to modern concrete models, ensuring durability and safety. We focus on proper venting and placement to maximize warmth and utility, making your outdoor area enjoyable year-round.

Central Florida Natural Gas Fireplace Installation

Opting for a natural gas fireplace in your outdoor area offers convenience and efficiency. Our installation services at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm include assessing your property for the best location, running gas lines safely, and setting up your fireplace for optimal performance. We emphasize the importance of professional installation to ensure your natural gas fireplace adheres to all local codes and standards, providing a reliable and sustainable heat source.

Natural stone and flower landscaping

Propane Firepit Installation Services

Propane fire pits are a flexible option for many homeowners. Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm provides propane firepit installation services tailored to your outdoor space. Our team guides you through selecting models that best fit your space and aesthetic preferences. We discuss the benefits of propane for easy maintenance and portability, ensuring a clean and efficient burning process. Installation is handled with strict adherence to safety protocols to provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor feature.

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Patio Firepit Installation in Central Florida

When looking to enhance their patios with a fire pit, our local service at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm offers personalized installation tailored to the climate and local landscaping trends. We consider factors like patio size, material compatibility, and fire pit style to optimize your installation. Our approach focuses on integrating your new fire pit with existing outdoor features like outdoor kitchens or seating areas, maximizing the functionality and aesthetic of your patio.

Personalized Fire Features For Your Home

Discover our fire features, each meticulously crafted to thrive in Central Florida’s unique climate. As a premier outdoor fire feature installation company near you, our skilled contractors are adept at creating bespoke fire pit designs that align seamlessly with your outdoor vision.  Explore our range and see how we transform your space into a captivating outdoor haven, where every fire feature is a testament to personalized elegance and craftsmanship.

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Landscaping Your Fire Pit in Central Florida

Landscaping the fire pit area requires thoughtful plant choices. Safety is the most important consideration, but aesthetics are important, too. Providing a path or plants that move us through the landscaping to the firepit is important. Choosing plants that feel like sitting out in a field or wilderness area is encouraged, but more formal choices can be equally exciting. Let us guide your choices for the right look for your landscaping.

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Enhance your outdoor space with a stunning fire pit design or a cozy fireplace with our outdoor fire feature service. Our contractors are ready to create the perfect fire features for your home.

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The key considerations include size, material, style, and fuel type to ensure the fire pit complements your backyard’s aesthetics and functionality.

Installing outdoor fireplaces enhances outdoor areas, offering a great ambiance and increased property value. Regular fireplace maintenance ensures longevity, while professional install services streamline the process. These features complement fire pit installations, creating a cohesive outdoor living space.

Fire pit installation on a standard patio takes 1-2 days, depending on the complexity and design of the fire pit.

Fire pits can be installed on various patio surfaces, but it’s crucial to ensure the surface is level, stable, and fire-resistant for safety.

Regular maintenance for backyard fire pits includes cleaning ash and debris, checking for wear, and covering it when not used to protect it from the elements.

Before you install fire features, assess the space for safety and aesthetics. Consider the need for fireplace repair and how easily you can access repair outdoor services. Choosing the right professionals to install fire features ensures durability and compliance with local safety codes.