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Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is a top-rated landscaping company serving Eustis, FL. And landscape design and installation have been our specialty for the past 24 years. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. This is evident in every project we tackle, whether a small backyard renovation or a large-scale commercial installation. This has cemented our reputation as the go-to Landscape Contractors in Eustis, FL.

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The full-service landscapers in Eustis, FL

Having embraced a customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence, our team of professional landscape contractors in Eustis, FL is dedicated to catering to all your landscaping needs. And they’re able to achieve this objective by using highly sophisticated equipment and advanced techniques, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the landscaping industry. Here are some of the services our landscapers in Eustis, FL offer.


Landscape design

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we understand that each client has a unique vision for their outdoor living space. As a result, we will take your input and tailor a design to fit your vision. In addition, our Eustis, FL Landscapers will help you choose the right plants, hardscape features, and more to create a beautiful and functional yard. Don’t worry about lighting, irrigation systems, and other additional features. We can take care of that too!


Landscape installation

Once we finalize the design for your outdoor living space, our team will start the installation process. With top-quality materials and our expertise, you can rest assured that you will be getting the absolute best in landscape installation. By listening to your ideas and factoring in your yard’s unique characteristics, like topography and soil type, our landscape contractors in Eustis, FL, can create a landscape that reflects your tastes and lifestyle.


Outdoor light installation

Good lighting is essential for creating a beautiful landscape at night. Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm can help you achieve that by helping you to choose the right lighting fixtures to highlight specific elements in your yard, like focal points or pathways. We will also handle wiring, hookups, and other electrical work so your new lights are safe and functioning properly. With our lighting installation services, you’ll have the perfect accent to enjoy your outdoor space at night. 


Outdoor Fire Feature Design And Installation

There is no better way to enjoy your backyard than with a cozy fire to lounge around. Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm can help you do just that! Transform your backyard into an inviting space for your family and friends.

We offer various fire features, including fire pits, fireplaces, and gas fire bowls. In addition, we have contemporary fire features as well as classic ones to suit your taste. And our experienced team will customize a design perfect for your outdoor space. 


Hardscape design and installation

Hardscape features add functionality and structure to your outdoor space. We can help you choose and install the right features for a visually appealing and practical outdoor living area. From walkways that create a seamless transition from your house to the outdoors to patios and decks for entertaining guests.

Our landscape installation services may start with excavating the desired area and grading to ensure all surfaces are level and even. And depending on your desired outcome, we will continue with the installation of the elements you have chosen, be it hardscaping features, such as pavers and walkways, or softscaping features, like plants and shrubs.

In addition, we will consider any restrictions or considerations that may be unique to your property. For instance, if your backyard has an incline or is on rocky terrain, we can create a design that works with the existing landscape.

Installing drought-resistant and native plants

The city of Eustis, FL falls in the USDA Hardiness Zone 9b. This zone is known for its mild temperatures, making it ideal for planting a wide range of drought-resistant and native plants. At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we can help you choose plants that will accentuate your hardscape features. From ornamental shrubs to flowering trees, you will be spoiled for choice. Besides, our ground cover options will keep your lawn looking neat and green all year round.

The Landscapers in Eustis, FL Committed to Quality Work

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, our overriding priority is to provide the highest quality services for our clients. That’s why we approach every project with dedication. You can depend on us to deliver on our promise. In addition, we are focused on meeting your expectations and ensuring the job is done right.


We understand that every client goes into a project with a budget in mind. That’s why we will keep you informed to ensure there are no surprise expenses down the road. Furthermore, our free consultation before the project begins will help you make decisions confidently.


Most people are busy and want minimum disruption to their lives. We understand this and will work efficiently to ensure minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction.


 Are you ready to spruce up your outdoor space? Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm has the expertise, skill, and creativity to make it happen. From hardscape and fire feature installations to irrigation systems, we can help you transform your outdoor space into an inviting, stylish, and functional place. Contact us today for the perfect outdoor living area for you and your family!


Local Points Of Interest


The State Theatre’s Bay Street Players Bring Cultural Arts and Education to  Eustis, FL

The city of Eustis, Florida, is home to Bay Street Players, a theater renowned for its productions that foster creativity and community engagement. Founded in 1974, Bay Street Players is a non-profit organization that strives to bring culture and education to the people of Central Florida. 


Every year, five main stage productions and a regular schedule of limited engagements, benefits, and special events are performed. One of the theater’s most popular initiatives is its Young People’s Theatre program, a structured environment where students of all ages can learn the theatrical arts.


 In addition to offering a variety of theatrical productions from established and upcoming artists, Bay Street Players stands out as a source of unique experiences for locals and visitors alike. The theater also participates in many local events, including First Fridays, the African American Heritage Festival, GeorgeFest, and the Amazing Race for Charity. 


Address: 109 N Bay St, Eustis, FL 32726


A Look at Trout Lake Nature Center in Eustis, FL

Thirty years ago, Oklawaha Valley Audubon Society (OVAS) members formed Trout Lake Nature Center (TLNC), an educational non-profit organization in Eustis dedicated to preserving local wetlands and providing community learning opportunities about Central Florida’s native wildlife ecosystems. TLNC is a tranquil oasis comprising a 100-acre conservation easement and 130 acres of land around Trout Lake.


Part of its mission is to build a connection between the community and nature through field trips, educational exhibits, and environment-related programs. Through passionate volunteers and staff, TLNC has grown to include a boardwalk, dock, and museum. Besides the museum, OVAS has an Education Building dedicated to teaching visitors about wildlife conservation and sustainable practices.


TLNC is currently working on further developing its facilities and programs. The ultimate goal is to create a space that conserves, protects, and educates the public while inspiring them to preserve the local environment actively.


 Address: 520 East, County Rd 44, Eustis, FL 32736



Eustis Historical Museum

Eustis, FL, is home to the Eustis Historical Museum, a grand monument to the pioneering spirit of Guilford Davis Clifford, whose construction began in January 1910. The museum consists of Clifford House, a two-story Neoclassical structure with eighteen rooms and four fireplaces with imported Italian tiles. Additionally, the Unity Bell Pavilion, dedicated in 1997 and hosting many events over the years, also stands on the grounds. The museum also features a Citrus Museum, which displays historical artifacts and photographs from the citrus industry.


The City of Eustis owns the home and grounds of the museum, while volunteers of the Eustis Historical Museum do its operation. Membership donations have been key in the running of the museum. Those wishing to experience a time before the freezes that affected Florida in the late 19th century should visit the Eustis Historical Museum.


Address: 536 N Bay St, Eustis, FL 32726


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Some of our services include

Your Guide To Eustis Landscaping Renovations

Our Eustis landscaping team will customize the design to suit your vision. Every person has different dreams and ideas of how they want their outdoor space to look. Having a team that puts your vision first is essential; that is why we have a skilled team that ensures you are satisfied with the results. Below are some of the reasons our landscaping design services are a go-to option for your outdoor space or garden.

Free design consultation

Having a free design consultation is essential to choosing the right team for your landscaping needs. With our free initial consultation, you can rest assured our landscapers in Eustis, FL will put your needs first. You can trust our services to get it right the first time.

Customized designs

Every home shouldn’t have a similar landscaping design. We understand our customers' desire to make their outdoor space stand out from the rest. That’s why our landscape designers focus on your vision when designing a yard renovation. Each landscaping design is made from scratch and is sure to set your home or business apart!

Site evaluation

Not sure what you need? Our landscapers will visit your home or business to evaluate the condition of your outdoor space before starting the project. This ensures we come up with a safe and easy-to-maintain design. Site consideration is essential in Eustis landscape renovation projects to create a unique and long-lasting design for our customers. Site evaluation also helps our landscapers give realistic advice and recommendations to help you achieve your vision for your landscape.


Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm in Eustis, FL

As a comprehensive team of landscaping and plant nursery Eustis, FL experts, we pride ourselves in offering quality. But even if we offered all these amazing services and you cannot access us easily, it would all be for not.

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FAQs on our Eustis Landscaping Service

When it comes to landscape diversity, you can depend on us. Our broad spectrum of services ensures you not only know the options available, but you can also find the right option that suits your needs.
On the surface, yes, you can. But you need a lot of experience and knowledge to do a proper job. While it may be more expensive in the short run to hire a landscaping company, in the long run, it can help you cut costs by having an easy-to-maintain lawn that will last many years..
Hardy plants have a reputation for flourishing in adverse conditions. However, hardy plants are divided into cold weather and hot weather hardy plants. In the extreme ends of the northern and southern hemispheres, cold-weather hardy plants do well. While within the tropics, where many deserts are located, the hot weather plants flourish. You need to work with an expert who can properly guide you to make the right choice for the central Florida climate.

Eustis Landscapers

During our two decades in Florida, our landscaping company has offered a variety of services, including Eustis landscape design, and a wholesale plant center. Our experienced and skilled team will help you fully realize your vision, no matter the size. We recognize the need to work with a good team that includes you every step of the way. That’s why we’re dedicated to great communication and service.

Some of our landscaping services include: