Landscaping Plant Nursery in Central Florida

On our farm, we grow and sell ornamental landscape plants for the wholesale landscape industry, both local and nationwide. We currently have 23 acres of greenhouses and production in Clermont and Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida, where we grow landscape ornaments,  shrubs, grasses, ground covers and more.

Our experienced growers continually research and grow more and better varieties of ornamentals for the industry. We are happy to invite landscape professionals, industry buyers, and brokers to look at our extensive range of constantly updated plants.


At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, our goal is to keep our clients happy. That’s why we continuously expand our wholesale landscape nursery selection while maintaining the same level of quality and care. 


Search below to see our plant availability:

Woody Plants

We have an abundance of woody plants that are perfect for all weather conditions. If you are looking for plant types that are easy to maintain and can be used to create a perimeter, edges, or barriers around your property, these are the plants we recommend. Some of the common species of woody plants we carry at our landscape plant nursery include Feijoas, Ligustrums, Loropetalums, Podocarpus, and Viburnums.

Ornamental Plants

Our plant nursery offers a variety of ornamental plants that can be potted or planted directly. They are perfect for your garden and your walkways. If you are interested in an ornamental potted plant for your entryway or conservatory, ornamental plants are the perfect option for you. Wholesale buyers come into our nursery to browse the variety of houseplant species we have.

Ground Covers

Your landscape job may require ground covers or creeping plants that can grow over shady patches or hard-to-maintain areas of your outdoor space. We have native species of ground cover plants that’ll do an amazing job. Common species you can expect to find here at our nursery are Asiatic Jasmine, Foxtail Fern, LIriope, cast iron plant and Juniper Blue Pacific. We also offer many more options that add texture and contrast to your outdoor space.


If you are interested in incorporating smaller flowers into your landscape, we have a variety of shrubs to choose from. Some of the common shrub types we carry include Bottlebrush, Azaleas, Holly, and Vibernum. Come check out the variety of shrubs we offer.

Most Popular

We also offer some of the most popular selections of landscaping plants to improve the appeal and appearance of your property. Some of those include Podocarpus, Viburnum, Trinettes, and Crotons.


We have some of the most amazing selection of grasses that deliver the desired look for your space. If you are looking to create a native, organic appearance, come explore the common grass options we offer including Cordgrass, Fountain grass, and Liriope.