Start Your Project With Highland Grove

Now that you have chosen Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm to handle your landscaping needs, it’s time to get started.


We are dedicated to being a transparent company and that keeps clients updated throughout the creation of your landscape masterpiece. Our team is excited to work with you and we look forward to helping you create the space of your dreams. We are always available to discuss your concerns and ideas or answer any questions regarding your landscaping project. Our goal is to work with you to bring your landscaping goals and design ideas to life.

Our Design and Build Process

Call us for a free consultation with our landscape designer.


We are very client-focused, so we start every landscaping project with a consultation. Here, we find out what you want and how your plan can fit the project’s site. Then, once your vision is clear and understood, we can offer our suggestions or recommendations.

Design Fee Estimatation and Landscape Development Checklist

Based on the scope of the landscape project, a design fee is established. Customers may use our Landscape Development Checklist as their starting point at the beginning of the project.

Site Analysis

The client is expected to provide the property survey for the site, return the checklist, and pay the design fee. After we have gathered all these items, we conduct a detailed study of the property's existing features, including land formations, structures, plants to be retained or removed, drainage considerations, and existing irrigation among other things. Our landscapers will also take photos and meet with hardscape team members.

We complete landscape design and estimation

Once we’ve completed the full property site analysis, we provide the design layout and a detailed estimate for project costs, including all elements that will be included in the design. At this time, you will review the design and costs and approve or adjust as needed.

Any necessary revisions to the design and estimates are made

The client provides a deposit equaling one-third based on the scope of the job

The project is scheduled and materials are procured

The landscaping is installed

Upon project completion, we walk through the project with the client to answer any questions and review watering instructions, maintenance options, and irrigation settings. The final invoice is due upon project completion.