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Landscaping Services in Winter Garden

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is a landscaping company that offers landscaping services to meet any customer need. Our services include landscaping design and installation, outdoor lighting installation, garden design and installation, outdoor fire pit installation, and interlocking paver installation. 

What sets us apart:


  • Knowledge of the climate in Winter Garden so we understand which plants and flowers flourish in this region.
  • We use the latest green technology to repair irrigation systems. 
  • We use sustainable winter-hardy planting designs that can hold up to humid summers and cool winters
  • Over 24 years of experience

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Landscape Design Winter Garden, FL

Colder weather in winter adds another layer of difficulty to landscaping in Florida. To do it yourself, you will need to know what plants can grow in this season and stay healthy for Spring. Working with a Winter Garden landscape renovation company provides all the guidance you need!


Our Winter Garden landscapers offer customized landscape services, so you only pay for what you need. Every design project or maintenance plan is tailored to the client’s specific needs. This approach allows you to unleash your creative side.


Throughout the process, we listen to your landscaping ideas and use our skills and knowledge to guide you in making the best choice for your outdoor space. The goal of our landscaping practices is to ensure our clients get the best outdoor space on schedule. That’s why we go above and beyond for each client! Call (352) 394-3318 now!

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Some of our services include

Winter Garden Landscape Installation Service

Enhance your property with our comprehensive landscape installation service in Winter Garden, FL. Highland Grove Landscaping and Farm transforms outdoor spaces into lush, beautiful, and functional environments.


Whether you need residential or commercial landscaping, our team provides expert site evaluation, plant selection, and installation services that cater to the unique climate and soil conditions of Winter Garden. Learn how proper home landscape can boost curb appeal and improve overall property value in Central Florida.

Butterfly Garden Design and Installation

Create a sanctuary for nature with our garden design and installation services. Our landscapers use plants and flowers that attract butterflies, enriching your garden with vibrant life and color. This service includes selecting nectar-rich plants and creating habitats that support the lifecycle of butterflies, which are not only beautiful to watch but also vital pollinators in our ecosystem. Call (352) 394-3318 for a free estimate.

Outdoor Fire Pit Installation in Winter Garden

Bring warmth and charm to your evenings with our outdoor fire pit installation service. Perfect for Winter Garden’s cool nights, a fire pit provides a cozy gathering place for friends and family. We focus on safety and functionality, ensuring your fire pit fits seamlessly into your existing landscape while adhering to local safety regulations.

Winter Garden Outdoor Lighting Installation

Illuminate your outdoor living spaces with our outdoor lighting installation service in Winter Garden, FL. Proper lighting enhances the beauty of your landscape after sunset and increases the safety and security of your property. Our technicians are skilled in installing various lighting types, from ambient lighting to focused path lights, ensuring your outdoor areas are both beautiful and functional at night.

Interlocking Paver Installation for Walkways and Patios

Elevate the accessibility and aesthetics of your property with our interlocking paver installation service for both commercial and residential areas. Highland Grove Landscaping and Farm provides durable, versatile, and stylish paver solutions that are designed to withstand the test of time and heavy use. Contact us to learn the benefits of choosing interlocking pavers, like easy hardscaping maintenance, immediate use after installation, and flexibility in design. Call (352) 394-3318 for a free estimate. 

Landscape watering

Your Guide To Winter Garden Landscaping Renovations

Our Winter Garden landscaping team will customize the design to suit your vision. Every person has different dreams and ideas of how they want their outdoor space to look. Having a team that puts your vision first is essential; that is why we have a skilled team that ensures you are satisfied with the results. Below are some of the reasons our landscaping design services are a go-to option for your outdoor space or garden.

Free design consultation

Having a free design consultation is essential to choosing the right team for your landscaping needs. With our free initial consultation, you can rest assured our landscapers in Winter Garden, FL, will put your needs first. You can trust our team to get it right the first time.

Customized designs

Every home shouldn’t have a similar landscaping design. We understand our customers' desire to make their outdoor space stand out from the rest. That’s why our landscape designers focus on your vision when designing a yard renovation. Each landscaping design is made from scratch and will set your home or business apart!

Site evaluation

Not sure what you need? Our landscapers will visit your home or business to evaluate the condition of your outdoor space before starting the project. This ensures we come up with a safe and easy-to-maintain design. Site consideration is essential in Winter Garden landscape renovation projects to create a unique and long-lasting design for our customers. Site evaluation also helps our landscapers give realistic advice and recommendations to help you achieve your vision for your landscape.


Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm in Winter Garden, FL

As a comprehensive team of landscaping and plant nursery Winter Garden, FL experts, we pride ourselves on quality. But even if we offered all these amazing services and you could not access us easily, it would all be for nothing.

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Commercial and Residential Landscape Contractors

Elevate your property with the premier landscape services of Highland Grove Landscaping and Farm, serving both commercial and residential clients. As experienced landscape contractors, we understand the nuances that differentiate commercial landscaping from residential projects, ensuring that each space we work on is not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable.


For Residential Clients: Transform your home’s outdoor spaces into stunning gardens, cozy retreats, or functional family hangouts. Our team specializes in creating personalized landscapes that reflect your lifestyle and enhance your home’s curb appeal. From lush garden beds to elegant outdoor living areas, our residential landscape services are designed to turn your dream yard into a reality.


For Commercial Clients: Make a lasting impression with a professionally designed landscape that mirrors the professionalism of your business. Our commercial landscaping services focus on creating attractive, low-maintenance, and welcoming outdoor areas that stand out and invite customers in. Whether it’s a retail park, office courtyard, or restaurant patio, we provide scalable solutions to beautify and optimize every square inch of your property.


At Highland Grove Landscaping and Farm, we combine innovative design with meticulous execution to deliver exceptional landscaping services. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that every project meets our high standards, regardless of scale or complexity. Let us help you make a meaningful impact with your outdoor spaces.


Our landscaping solutions encompass a holistic approach. We focus on designing and installing landscapes and prioritize essential lawn care practices, ensuring that the grass complements the overall design. Call (352) 394-3318 for a free estimate. 

Proudly Serving Winter Garden

Winter Garden, Florida, nestled in western Orange County near Orlando, is a delightful blend of historic charm and modern convenience. The city’s downtown has picturesque storefronts enriched by the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation Museum, which delves into the area’s past. For outdoor enthusiasts, the 22-mile West Orange Trail winds through the city’s heart, catering to cyclists and joggers alike. 


Better still, the Garden Theatre entertains with diverse performances, while every Saturday, the downtown comes alive with a bustling Farmers Market. The Plant Street Market offers a haven for gourmet food enthusiasts, and the expansive Winter Garden Village provides myriad shopping options. On the shores of Lake Apopka, you’ll find the scenic Tanner Hall and nature enthusiasts can explore the lake’s North Shore. With a series of community events year-round and proximity to major Orlando attractions, Winter Garden beautifully melds old-Florida appeal with contemporary growth.


Winter Garden is West Orange County’s hub with attractions like the  SoBo Gallery, the Garden Theatre, and a Saturday Farmers Market at the Downtown Pavilion.

Winter Garden’s cost of living is roughly 94.7% of the U.S. average, ranking it 130th out of 273 cities.

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm incorporates lawn care through comprehensive landscape maintenance services to enhance soil health and plant vitality.