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For most people, owning a home is part of their great American Dream. However, people don’t realize that making that dream a reality comes with lots of work. You need to ensure each aspect encapsulates your vision from the interior to the exterior. Our area of expertise at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is the exterior aspect of your home.


Landscaping goes beyond creating a yard that’s beautiful to look at. It also involves creating a low-maintenance outdoor space that is perfect for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Thanks to our Central Florida landscaping design skills, we can help make your landscape goals a reality while sticking to your ideas.


Whether you want a pergola installed, the perfect garden, or outdoor landscape lighting, we are available to help. Schedule a free consultation via phone at (352) 394-3318 and we will get started from there.

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Your Go-To Apopka Landscaping Company Since 1999

Your Go-To Apopka Landscaping Company Since 1999

We know just how much work goes into transforming your landscape ideas into reality. So, why not let us worry about that for you? Some aspects that make us different

  • Free first consultation meeting with our landscape designer
  • Client-focused services
  • Trusted and Recommended since 1999
  • Sustainable and weather-resistant landscape designs
  • Low-maintenance landscape installations

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Aside from Apopka landscape design, we also offer landscape installation services like outdoor lighting Apopka installation. With this service, you get to make your home or business outdoors stand out during the day and at night.

Our Services

The services we offer at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm include the following:

Wholesale Plant Nursery

Are you a landscaper located in Apopka? Well, you are in luck, as you never have to worry about not finding the right ornamental landscape plants for your projects. At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we grow and sell ornamental landscaping plants on our farm. Our experienced growers have continually researched the plants we grow. This ensures that you get access to a variety of ornamental plants for your projects.

Landscape Design

Designing anything, including your landscape, should be a well-thought-out process that involves a fully crafted plan. Failure to plan can be costly and frustrating. This is why at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we walk through the entire landscape design process with our clients. By working with you, we get to translate your landscape dreams into the reality you desire.

Landscape Installation

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we believe your backyard is an extension of your home. It should encompass your indoor vision, and landscape installation is the best way to do so. It doesn't matter whether the project is large or small, commercial or residential; we can help you accomplish it. The best part is that you get to work with an experienced and trained team that listens and considers your ideas.


Serving the Entire Apopka Metro Area

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is proud to provide landscape designs and landscape installation services to Apopka. Some of the notable landmarks in Apopka include:

  • Wekiwa Springs State Park
  • Kelly Park
  • Rock Springs Run State Reserve

The cities we also serve that are close to Apopka include:

  • Winter Park, FL
  • Winter Garden, FL
  • Mount Dora, FL
  • Windermere, FL
  • Wekiva Springs, FL


FAQs on Professional Landscaping Services and Wholesale Plant Nursery

Yes, we offer our clients a free consultation with our landscape designer. During that first call, we learn your goals and how to proceed from there.

Every landscaping project is different. This is why we strive to ensure we learn your goals and requirements before assigning a monetary figure to your project.
At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we hire the best and most experienced in the landscape industry. We have a level of quality to uphold, and our team guarantees that those standards are met in every project we handle.

Apopka Landscaping Services Near You

When people hear the word landscaping, the first thing that comes to mind is the tremendous amount of work involved. But to us, we see the opportunity to transform an outdoor space into the most beautiful form of art using nature and modern installations. In line with this thought, we strive to prioritize all our clients, which in turn allows us to transform your dream landscape into reality.

Our goal at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is to meet every project’s practical and aesthetic design goals while maintaining functionality. The end results also have to be low maintenance. So, if you are looking for Apopka landscapers to help with your landscaping project, call (352) 394-3318 or email to schedule a free consultation meeting.

Why Choose Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is one of the most trusted Apopka landscapers. With over 23 years of service as an Apopka landscaping design company, we have amassed years of experience making residential and commercial property yards a work of art. We know what it means to take ordinary plants, shrubs, flowers, and landscape installations and use them to transform an outdoor space into a fairy world.

As one of the top landscapers in Apopka, you can be certain that we will be available to help whenever you require landscaping services. Other aspects that make us stand out as a landscaping design and installation company are:

  • Free Consultation
  • Sustainable and weather-resistant landscaping
  • Low-maintenance landscape designs
  • 23 years of exceptional service and glowing recommendations
  • Licensed and insured

Keeping Up with the Latest Local Apopka News

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm knows that keeping up with the latest changes in the landscaping industry is a huge concern for our clients. A minor change in our everyday affairs can affect our lives. However, it does get hard to keep up with the local news. So, you can expect our Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm to keep you in the know about our community. The most recent local Apopka news are:

State of Emergency: The state of emergency in Orange County has been extended for seven days. This extension has enabled Orange County to work with federal and state partners to help needy residents. At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we know how devastating Hurricane Ian has been. And we want to help you get your yard back.

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The devastating effects of hurricane Ian: Hurricane Ian has left an extraordinarily broad path of destruction. The effects were evident in reports available from the ground. At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we know how Hurricane Ian has caused devastating impacts across Orange County. While it will take time to get back on your feet, we will be here to help you.
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Tips on how to prevent mosquito-borne illness: The flooding caused by Hurricane Ian has increased mosquitoes across Apopka. The Florida Department of Health has issued several tips to help prevent mosquito-borne diseases. We know how wrong landscaping can cause mosquitoes to breed. Taking care of your yard gets you one step closer to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.
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