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7 Benefits of Adding Lighting to Your Outdoor Space in Your Central Fl Home

We all enjoy spending time in our yards, especially when we have spent large amounts of time and money turning our backyard dreams into reality.

These carefully curated outdoor spaces look beautiful under the rays of the Florida sun. However, it’s often forgotten that these spaces can be just as inviting after dark with some carefully landscaped lighting choices.

So, what are the benefits of a landscape lighting installation?

Improves Security

Criminal acts such as vandalism or burglary are more likely to happen when a house is not well-lit, as it is much easier for criminals to carry out their crimes in the dark. There are more places to hide in a shadowed yard, and they are less likely to be spotted by you or a neighbor.

Good lighting in your outdoor space will help deter any would-be criminals and help you or a neighbor to spot anyone lurking in the bushes.

Lighting your entranceway will provide a safer atmosphere for you and your guests when arriving at your home, with the added benefit of making your home feel more welcoming.

Improves Safety

A sunlit landscaped garden is stunning to behold, but as the daylight fades the various paths and steps can easily become a tripping hazard.

An outdoor lighting installation will aid in highlighting any areas that could cause you or your guests harm.

The last thing you want while hosting guests in the evening is for them to stumble on the pathway or graze themselves on a water feature! Outdoor lighting will not only bring a delightful ambiance to the backyard but will also help reduce accidents.

Extends Your Living Space

The right exterior lighting makes your outdoor space look inviting and fun. Whether you want to host large parties or just entertain your kids in the evening, landscaped lighting can create any atmosphere you desire.

Having guests over is one of life’s joys, but it can become a little cramped when the party has to stay indoors. An inviting and atmospheric yard will allow you to entertain in all your living spaces both indoors, outdoors, or a mixture of both. 

Increases Curb Appeal

A beautiful house is a sight to behold! Who hasn’t stopped to gaze at an impressive home on a walk around the neighborhood? 

But even the most eye-catching house in the daylight can fade into an eyesore once night falls.

When you install outdoor lighting you can make your beautiful domicile look just as stunning at night as it is during the day. Making those lights highlight the best features of your home.

Highlights The Landscaping and Architecture in Your Yard

Everyone has a favorite spot in their outdoor space. It could be a pergola, a pond, a raised flower bed, or maybe even a favorite tree.

No matter where you love spending your time, the right outdoor lighting can help show off the beautiful features of your yard.

There are many different types of lighting for your landscaped space from bright floodlights to ambient recessed lights. We will work with you to fully showcase the beauty and grandeur of your home.

Increases Property Value

As a homeowner, you will know the importance of the curb appeal of a house when it is time to sell a property.

No matter how beautiful the interior of your home is, a potential buyer will always base their first impression on the exterior – whether they realize it or not!

Having the right landscape lighting to showcase the best features of your home, as well as create a welcoming atmosphere will make potential buyers more interested in your property.

Having outdoor lighting is also seen as desirable by potential buyers, so installing lighting will increase your home’s value.

Showcases Your Entryway

Coming home in the evening to a dark and unwelcome entryway can be an unpleasant experience. 

A light and inviting entrance will make both you and visitors feel welcome in your home. Adequate lighting will also provide a more secure doorway, and allow you to see unannounced visitors clearly before you open the door.

We have discussed just some of the many benefits of adding landscape lighting to your home. Call us today to discuss a free consultation and find out how outdoor lighting can best showcase the home and outdoor space that you have invested so much into.


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