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Residential and Commercial Landscaping Contractor

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is a landscaping company in Davenport, FL. We offer landscaping design and installation, outdoor lighting installation, garden design and installation, outdoor fire pit installation, and interlocking paver installation. 


What sets us apart:


  • Knowledge of the climate in Davenport so we understand which plants and flowers flourish in this region.


  • We use the latest green technology to repair irrigation systems.


  • Over 24 years of experience


  • We use sustainable winter-hardy planting designs that can hold up to humid summers and cool winters


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Landscaping Services in Davenport, FL

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, every corner of your outdoor space is a canvas waiting to be transformed. As Davenport’s trusted local landscaping experts, we delve deep into understanding the essence of your property and its potential. Our comprehensive services, from meticulous landscape design and installation to precision-driven irrigation and hardscape installations, aim to craft spaces that resonate with your vision. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate an old garden or innovatively redefine your backyard, we’re here to guide and execute every step of the way. Our expertise will revitalize or replace dated or lackluster landscaping features, ensuring your property thrives in aesthetic appeal and value.

Davenport Landscape Design Service

Our seasoned landscapers craft landscape designs that mirror the region’s beauty and serenity. Our landscaping design service is rooted in understanding the local environment and your vision. Our team conducts thorough site evaluations, ensuring every design element is harmoniously integrated, from plant selection to layout. With our designs, Davenport homes don’t just get a garden; they receive a personalized outdoor sanctuary. From meticulous site assessments to installation, we ensure every facet — plant choices or spatial layout — fits seamlessly. 

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Landscape Installation in Davenport, FL

Transform your outdoor space with Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm’s professional landscape installation services in Davenport, FL. We pride ourselves on creating landscapes that are not only visually appealing but also sustainable and functional. Our team specializes in residential and commercial services, tailoring each project to meet the unique needs of your property. From the initial design to the final installation, we ensure that every aspect of your new landscape conserves water and enhances your backyard, making it a perfect retreat or a professional facade in Davenport.

Interlocking Paver Installation for Walkways and Patios

Upgrade your property with our durable and stylish interlocking paver installation services. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings in Davenport, FL, interlocking pavers offer a high-quality, low-maintenance solution for your walkways and patios. These pavers are designed to withstand FL’s diverse climate and are perfect for enhancing the accessibility and aesthetics of your yard. Our landscapers work with precision and care, ensuring that each paver is correctly installed to prevent shifting and cracking, providing a lasting enhancement to your landscape.


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Butterfly Garden Design and Installation

While naturally beautiful, Davenport’s landscapes sometimes require a refresh or transformation. Our garden design service rejuvenates and reimagines your outdoor spaces, whether due to changing homeowner preferences or natural wear and tear. We seamlessly blend the existing beauty of your garden with new elements, ensuring a seamless transition that pays homage to Davenport’s unique environment while catering to modern aesthetics and functionality. By selecting native plants and flowers that attract butterflies, we help cultivate a vibrant and eco-friendly garden space in your yard. 

Davenport Outdoor Fire Pit Installation

The cool evenings in Davenport, FL, deserve a warm touch, and what better way to achieve that than with a captivating outdoor fire feature? Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm designs and installs various outdoor fire features that serve as functional warmth providers and aesthetic centerpieces. From rustic fire pits to elegant fire bowls, we ensure each installation complements the Davenport ambiance, creating cozy gathering spots that will light up countless memories.

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Outdoor Lighting Installation Service

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our outdoor lighting solutions. Beyond brightening your property, our lighting designs aim to enhance, accentuate, and create moods that harmoniously blend with the surroundings. Whether you desire a soft, romantic ambiance for those evening gatherings or a well-lit pathway for safety and aesthetics, our expert team crafts solutions tailored to your needs. Experience the transformative power of light, and let your property shine in its best light every night.

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Davenport's Local Landscaping Company

Highland Grove stands proud as the community’s trusted local landscaping company. For years, we’ve been intricately weaving the essence of Davenport’s natural charm into every project we undertake. Our deep-rooted connection to the community drives our passion, ensuring each landscape reflects the local ethos and environment. With a keen understanding of the region’s unique flora, climate, and aesthetic preferences, we bring a touch of Davenport to every garden, backyard, and outdoor space we shape. When you choose Highland Grove, you’re choosing a partner who knows and loves Davenport as much as you do.

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Davenport, Florida: A Hidden Gem in Polk County

Davenport, Florida, nestled in Polk County, may be smaller in stature but offers a serene contrast to its bustling neighbors. Located just 35 miles southwest of Orlando, it provides a peaceful haven for those desiring proximity to major attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld without the associated chaos. Its rapid growth in recent years is fueled by its strategic location and affordability. Davenport isn’t just about location; it’s also a haven for golf enthusiasts with spots like the Highlands Reserve Golf Club. Additionally, its closeness to Lake Davenport and neighboring Haines City means a variety of recreational, dining, and shopping options are always within reach. The city uniquely combines the charm of rural Florida with modern-day conveniences facilitated by easy access to major highways. Whether considering a vacation or a move, Davenport’s blend of tranquility and accessibility makes it a compelling choice in Central Florida.


Most locals believe Davenport’s heart is among the city’s most secure areas. Davenport’s violent crime rate stands at 10.9, noticeably less than the U.S. average of 22.7. Additionally, the property crime rate in Davenport, at 28.9, is below the country’s average of 35.4.

Davenport can be described as a suburb situated to the southwest of Orlando’s main city center. It showcases suburban appeal, top-tier educational institutions, and handy facilities.

Approximately 23 miles.

Highland Grove combines years of expertise with a passion for landscaping, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to Davenport’s unique climate and terrain.

We offer custom landscape design services in Davenport. Our landscaping design team collaborates closely with clients, crafting custom designs that align with your vision and the natural beauty of Davenport, FL.

Yes, we provide bespoke outdoor lighting solutions that enhance the ambiance of your space. Our fire features are also designed to be both functional and aesthetic, perfect for Davenport evenings.

Our hardscaping solutions blend functionality with aesthetics. Whether it’s a patio, walkway, or retaining wall, we ensure it complements the overall landscape design.

To keep your yard in top condition throughout the year in Davenport, it is recommended that you schedule lawn care services at least once a month. Regular maintenance helps sustain a healthy landscape, ensuring your grass stays lush and your garden beds remain vibrant.