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Adding Value To Your Yard Or Property

The first impression that a homebuyer will get is from your lawn or yard. If you wish to enhance your yard’s appearance or improve the landscape, then there are a few do’s and don’ts that you must consider. Lawn care in Clermont, FL is one of the best ways to boost your property’s value with the tips discussed below.

Landscape Features That Improve Home Value

A Well-Kept Lawn

A well-maintained lawn is quite essential when it comes to exterior improvements. According to most real estate agents, homebuyers are attracted to lawns. Your lawn not only improves the look of the property but also offers a children’s play area and a place for relaxation and recreation. Before selling a house, real estate agents advise basic yard care services in order to improve the curb appeal. 

Trees And Shrubs 

Anything you purchase will fall in value eventually. Trees, however, are an exception. Tall trees enhance the property value. According to research by the University of Washington, having tall trees on the lawn improves property value by between 3% and 15%. 

Keep The Garden Clean

It is important to remove perennial weeds as their presence might signal problems. A clean and tidy lawn gives the buyer an impression that the garden is easy to maintain. 

Landscaped Pathway

If your house is up for sale and there are potential buyers, take care of the walkway that leads them to the front door. It is important to address any cracks that affect the appearance of the pathway. You should try and design one that winds with trees and plants on both sides. It should ideally create some anticipation. Also, ensure that any built-up dirt is removed on time using a pressure washer. 

Use Of Lighting

You can find various outdoor lighting options to choose from that are within your budget. A yard that is well-lit improves security. In recent years, with LED and solar-powered lighting options, old-fashioned hard-wired lighting has been replaced. Lighting enhances the look of the garden at night, keeps everyone safe and prevents tripping, and also keeps burglars away. 

Outdoor Garden/All-Season Deck

A permanent, built-in deck for cooking and entertainment might be expensive, but it is also one of the trendiest items to install on your lawn. An outdoor kitchen area will give your house an edge over others. Finish and weather-proof this space properly for any kind of weather so that it lasts for coming years. This means building a fire pit in cold climates and ensuring there is enough shade and air circulation during warm weather. Experts recommend creating an outdoor space that is well-planned and executed as it contributes to 10% – 15% of the property value. Some options include a dining space, an above-grade deck, a patch of gravel, a dry-laid patio, etc. 

Adding Colors With Container Plants, Gardens, etc.

Investing in an expanse of colorful and eye-catching plants is a great option. One can also add potted plants that will dress up your porch or pathways where potential buyers will surely notice them. It is a good idea to use perennial and annual plants because annuals are less expensive and have two growing seasons, while perennials return every year and grow to fill out the landscape but tend to cost more. 

Professional Landscape Design

A professional design will make your lawn stand out from others. Many local garden centers have experienced and skilled advisers who will draft a professional sketch for your garden. There are also landscape designers who will prepare a  plan, after considering all the details, and do the installation for you. 

Landscape Features That Decrease Home Value

Outdoor Water Features

Adding big water features outdoors can pull down the property value. Water features easily attract bees, butterflies, and birds. Also, some homebuyers consider this additional maintenance work and prefer to remove it if they are planning to purchase the house. 

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance. But some homeowners are reluctant to keep it in their garden, especially if they have children and need a play area. According to one estimate, homeowners could be looking at a 5% reduction in the selling value if their garden has artificial grass. 

Broken Fence Panels And Cracked Walls

Good fencing makes good property value. Fencing sets boundaries for kids and keeps other neighborhood animals out while keeping your own animals inside. It also offers seclusion and privacy to homeowners. Fencing can be expensive; hence homebuyers usually prefer houses with installed fencing as it is quite expensive to build, replace or repair. 

Swimming Pools And Hot Tubs

When someone looks at your swimming pool, they are immediately attracted. Pools are all about splashing water, children playing, and ecstatic summer memories. But many buyers consider switching pools as a maintenance headache, more insurance requirements, and a concern for safety. 

However, when it comes to luxury homes, this advice flips. Swimming pools do well on huge properties. Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas are a few states where pools are an expected amenity. But installing a pool can be a heavy investment. For instance, installing an 18 by 36 feet pool that is around 3-7 feet deep costs around $58000 with the filtration system. 

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees add color to your garden and improve the appearance, but they aren’t preferred by all homeowners. They attract many insects and need persistent pruning. Highly productive trees also give you the extra task of getting rid of all the fruit from time to time. Ornamental trees are preferred over fruit trees as they are easy to maintain and require less work on your part. 

Old Garden Decor And Furniture

Old furniture pieces rotting in your backyard are a total turn-off for potential homebuyers. Garden furniture that is only used seasonally is subject to deterioration in harsh weather. Hence, it is better to keep the furniture in a good state with fabric coverings, a quick wash down, and a good coat of paint, especially on its wooden parts. 

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