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Easy Lake County Landscaping Tips for Beginners

Good landscape design can enhance your curb appeal and make your front yard inviting. Upgrading your outdoor spaces is not very difficult or expensive. Even if you are a beginner, you can create a beautiful yard with little planning and research. Here are a few tips for people new to landscaping: 

Create a Plan

Whether you have a big yard or a small one, always begin with a plan. Identify the part of the yard you want to focus on and determine your budget, and the overall effort you want to put in. 

Determine What You Want in your Yard

List down all the features that you want your landscape to have. Do you need a kid’s area? Do you need a patio where people can gather? Will you be growing vegetables? Draw rough, small sketches of your yard, marking out specific areas for specific things.  

Consider the Location of your Yard

Identify spots for sunlight and shade before you start work on your yard. Where does your yard get the most sunlight, which area is most breezy, and which areas are shaded? You can plant or keep specific things in the yard based on this information.  

Find a Focal Point in the Yard

Most good garden designs have a focal point. It could be a large tree, a bench, a sculpture, a bush, or even a swimming pool. Select this spot where you will have your one big item, and then design the rest of the yard from there. 

Start Small

You may be excited about your yard’s makeover, but working on an entire yard takes time unless you have a large crew. If you are designing and landscaping your yard for the first time, start small. Develop the landscape slowly. Depending on how the design is shaping up, you can add more elements and plants.  

Add Scale and Pacing to Your Landscape

Scaling and pacing will complete the look of your landscape. Add variations in size, color, and textures. Put tall plants behind a flower bed, add pathways that people can walk on, or put pebbles and lighting to enhance the look.  

Pick Appropriate Plants

What to plant in your yard is probably the most important decision you will make. Choose plants that come back to life every year. Add variety to your yard. From trees and shrubs to bushes and flowering plants, you can add everything. Choose plants native to your area; they are accustomed to the soil and weather conditions and grow well.  

Add Ornamental Grass and Ground Covers

Ornamental grass is a landscaping tool that makes a beginners’ life easy. It improves the look of your yard considerably and is low maintenance.  

Landscape Design for Small Front Yards

Your front yard can make or break your curb appeal. A small front yard can sometimes limit the features you want to add to enhance the curb appeal. But there are many ways to make your small front yard look beautiful. Here are a few design tips to beautify your front yard: 

Rock Features

A front yard with rocks and pebbles will enhance your curb appeal. These rocks can also make a spillway for your rain gutters and keep the area from getting muddy. You can also break up a bed or add a pea gravel border on your small walkway to make it stand out.  


Most landscaping lights are solar-powered and inexpensive. You can add different types of lights to your small front yard. You can stick them to the ground or place them between your flower beds. If you have a place to hang, then you can even hang lanterns to give your front yard an enhanced look. 

Add a Bed Border

You may not have enough space to create a large flowerbed. Adding a bed border can help you achieve a similar look in less than half that space.  

Flower Bed Around Mailbox

Almost every front yard has a mailbox. You can utilize the area around it to create a flower bed. This way, you will have a small but pretty feature at the entrance. 

Maintain the Grass

Even small front yards can look pretty if the grass is well-maintained. Dry grass can immediately take away from the look of your yard. Rent an aerator machine to add nutrients to your lawn and fill up gaps with fresh grass. 

Add an Ornamental Colored Tree

A pop of bright color can take the look of your small front yard up a few notches. This bright focal point will take away the attention from the yard’s size. You can add Japanese maples or even a cherry tree. 

Set Up a Birdbath

Birdbaths are a great way of adding a water feature to your small yard. You can keep an antique-looking birdbath in the yard. You won’t even have to worry about water connections and maintenance.  

Landscape Design for Small Backyards

While small backyards may restrict you to a certain extent, there are many ways to make it look beautiful and inviting. Here are some landscape design ideas for your small backyard: 

Use Vertical Space

If you have a small backyard, you won’t have enough space to grow plants and trees. Grow your garden vertically. You can create a DIY tiered garden or purchase it. 

Add Built-In Seating

Furniture can take up a lot of space in your backyard and make movement difficult. You can add built-in seating to create more open space in the yard. 

Break the Texture of the Yard

If your backyard’s ground is covered with the same material end to end, it will look smaller than what it actually is. Adding different visual elements like rocks, pavers, and decking to the ground’s cover will break the monotony and make your yard look bigger. offers professional landscaping services. From design to installation, we can handle everything to make your outdoor space unique and beautiful. We offer customized landscaping solutions to meet your specific aesthetic and practical needs.

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