Professional Groveland Landscapers

Do you want to turn your property’s exterior into a tranquil outdoor space where you can connect with nature? Perhaps you’d like your garden to be a haven for local bird life with designated entertainment areas and aesthetic features.

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we provide a full landscaping design and installation solution to create a unique and functional outdoor environment. Whether you want to increase your property’s resale value, reduce utility costs, or create functional, aesthetic outdoor spaces, we can provide you with a tailored and high-value solution.

Our Groveland landscapers have been active in the industry since 1999, and we bring a unique combination of skills to the table. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Landscape watering

Outdoor Lighting Groveland – Professional Installations

Our Groveland landscaping company offers custom outdoor lighting solutions that are safe, efficient, and up to code. Take advantage of these services to illuminate your property’s exterior and deter break-ins or draw attention to aesthetic landscaping elements, such as water features. Our outdoor lighting installations are also ideal for shedding light on potential tripping hazards and preventing personal injuries.

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Our Landscaping Services in Groveland, FL

Our Groveland landscapers offer the following landscaping services in Central Florida:

Best-in-Class Groveland Landscape Design and Installation Services

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we offer a comprehensive range of landscaping design and installation solutions:

Landscape Design

We offer a comprehensive range of individual landscaping design solutions to transform your residential or commercial exterior into an inviting outdoor living space.

If you need a new patio, walkway, brick paver, retaining wall, or another form of stonework, get in touch to learn more about our high-end hardscaping design services. Our landscaping services include low-water landscape design, such as a succulent or butterfly garden that can withstand the Central Florida climate.

Groveland Landscaping Installations

As a leading landscaping company in Central Florida, quality and long-lasting installations are integral to our business. Our Groveland landscapers have an in-depth understanding of the local climate. The trees, flowers, shrubs, ground covers, and native plants we recommend from our in-house plant nursery will contribute significantly to your landscape’s transformation.

Our landscaping installation services also include the installation of sod, turf, and irrigation systems.

Landscape Garden Design

The optimal garden layout is critical to maximizing outdoor curb appeal and comfort. When designing a garden landscape, our Groveland, FL landscapers take various factors into account, including sunlight availability, wind, shade, water drainage, and water access points. We also incorporate foot traffic patterns, especially during commercial landscaping projects.


We Serve the Entire Central Florida Area

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we serve areas throughout Lake County, FL, including:

  • Claremont, FL
  • Mascotte, FL
  • Mineola, FL
  • Montverde, FL
  • Ferndale, FL
  • Howey-in-the-Hills, FL

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for a landscaping design or installation in one of the above areas.


FAQs on Professional Landscaping Services and Wholesale Plant Nursery in Bushnell, FL
To start your landscaping project, contact us at (352) 394-3318 and schedule a free initial consultation.
Our team of experts will recommend suitable plants for your landscape after considering various criteria, including your property’s soil conditions, the available space, and the local climate.
We can install an irrigation system during a new landscape installation. However, we don’t offer irrigation maintenance or repair services.

Why Should You Hire Our Groveland Landscapers?

Various landscaping contractors serve Central Florida, so why should you trust the team at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm?

  • Exceptional customer service: At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we aim to provide property owners with a convenient, hassle-free experience. Our team will also value your time and privacy throughout the design and installation process.
  • Reliability: Our team commits to providing the outcome you expect. Meeting your project timeline objectives and budget goals are among our top priorities.
  • Clear communication: When you hire us, you partner with a team that understands the value of frequent and clear communication. We will consult you throughout the landscape design and installation process, helping you make informed decisions. Our team will also provide you with regular updates on our progress.

Passionate landscaping team: At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we have an unbridled passion for landscape design and installations. This passion is the foundation of the skillful precision with which we carry out landscaping projects in Groveland, FL.

Landscaping Solutions for Groveland Conditions

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we pride ourselves on providing personalized landscaping solutions to ensure long-lasting value. We understand property owners don’t want to struggle to maintain their landscaping installations. Consequently, we offer landscaping solutions inherent to the area, including water-wise plants that flourish in the local climate.


Groveland, FL, receives approximately 51 inches of rain annually, 13 inches above the national average. The city also has an average of 235 sunny days per year, with a relatively high comfort index.

The climate supports diverse native vegetation. Popular landscaping plants in the area include bottlebrush, creeping juniper, Asiatic jasmine, and more.

Outdoor Fire Feature Design and Installation

Our Groveland landscapers can design a unique fire feature that fits your existing landscape layout and unique requirements. A fire pit or outdoor fire pit is a multifunctional landscaping element that is an ambient source of illumination and heat. A fire pit can also be a visual focal point in your garden and a central feature of an outdoor gathering space.

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Groveland News

Tree conservation is an increasing concern in Florida: In 2022, wildfires destroyed 22,000 acres, causing extensive damage to iconic North American trees. At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we proudly contribute to tree conservation in the state.

Groveland’s crime rate is relatively low: According to, Groveland is a relatively safe area. However, property owners who want outdoor security lighting to deter potential break-ins can contact us to schedule a free consultation.