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Learn More About Landscaping Costs 

A realistic project budget is one of the important things to have as a commercial or residential property owner planning to hire a landscaping contractor. Knowing what landscaping costs in your state or area gives you a better chance of financially planning for the project. If you’re wondering what a landscaping project costs these days, look no further. Read on to get a full idea of what your next landscaping project may cost you.

Landscaping: How Much Does It Cost?

The size of the property to be worked on can affect the average price quote submitted by your landscaper. However, an average landscaping project can cost anywhere between 4,000 and $20,000 or above, depending on the property owner’s taste and the project area. So, to answer the question of “landscaping how much does it cost?” speak to a local landscaper to get a full estimate of your specific landscaping costs. In some cases, you may spend less than $12,825, which is the average national cost of landscaping services, irrespective of the size. You may also spend less or more depending on the services you add or remove from the landscaping project.

The term “landscaping” is an umbrella word that includes many services like lawn care, gardening, irrigation and fertilization, hardscaping services, and others. Each of these services has specific features that can affect the overall cost of your landscaping needs. For example, landscaping garden cost about $1333 to $370 per month, depending on the size of your garden. However, the national average for maintaining an existing landscape is pegged at $252 a month. The cost of these services may also be affected by your location, the average labor cost in your location, the landscaping company you’ve hired, and the types of services you have requested.

To remain on the safe side, you should follow the 10% standard rule. This means that you should budget about 10% of your home’s value for landscaping. If your home is worth $300,000, your landscaping budget shouldn’t exceed $30,000 (10% of the home’s value).

Landscape Design Cost 

If you are wondering what does landscape design cost, you may need to prepare a budget of between $2,204 and $6,182 to get the job done. The total amount spent on the project will depend on whether you are performing a complete landscape design overhaul or redesigning a portion of your existing landscape.

Your landscaping prices will also be affected by other prices like the professionals hired for the job, labor costs, and the size or scope of the project. You can contact a local company offering landscaping services to confirm their landscaping near me prices. To be safe, you should contact about three to four experienced and proven landscapers in your community to confirm their prices.

Always remember that the company that charges the highest landscape design price isn’t necessarily the best. Instead, compare their past projects, communication, professionalism, closeness, and other factors.

If you need to learn more about landscaping costs or more budget-friendly landscaping alternatives, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert landscapers in Clermont, FL are available to attend to all of your commercial or residential landscaping needs and fit any budget.


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