outdoor spaces

Are you looking for an outdoor living service firm? Working with Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm will reduce the work stress that comes with handling landscaping projects. Property owners throughout Central Florida can rely on us for various solutions, including landscape design and construction, plant and tree installation, outdoor paving. In addition, we have a wholesale nursery. Our services address both residential and commercial properties. We aim to provide you with a custom backyard retreat, butterfly garden, patio walkways, and firepits, no matter how large or small.

Custom Backyard Retreat

You can count on us to design your garden from scratch whether you want to increase usable space or create an outdoor living space that your family and friends can use regularly. At the same time, our team can design a series of unique, independent, yet connected places to help you achieve these goals. Contact us right away to discuss your needs.


At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we make planting and maintaining your garden extremely easy. Homeowners can talk to our outdoor living spaces contractors about our durable outdoor pavers in different designs and sizes. 


We can create stunning pathways that blend seamlessly with landscaping and the roadside. We can use similar materials for the patio or courtyard for a uniform look. In addition, we have many different walkway designs to choose from, with a range of materials, at reasonable prices. We will ensure your walkways look inviting with exciting elements like gardens and ponds. Even better, we use materials like flagstone, pavers, or eco-materials. We also install lights to illuminate your walkway when it’s dark outside.

During an initial consultation with us, which can conveniently take place at your property, our outdoor living designers will explore your options, paying close attention to the dream you want us to help you achieve. In addition, we will provide recommendations, advice, and competitive pricing for your project, depending on your needs. 


Your outdoor space is an extension of your home; it’s no wonder our designers collaborate with clients to determine the most desirable materials and aesthetic choices. Our custom stone offerings range from accent seating spaces and fire pits to custom fireplaces and stone-adorned hearths. When it’s cool outside, you can gather around your fire pit and roast marshmallows with your kids or listen to the crackle and pop of wood – an excellent way to spend time together.


Do you want to learn more from our outdoor living spaces contractors near me? We can take those tedious tasks off your hands, giving you the time and leisure you deserve to enjoy your new haven of peace. Schedule an initial complimentary session with us to discuss your outdoor options.

Butterfly Garden

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we can help you create custom butterfly gardens that thrive in the Florida climate. We provide plant lists, design, and implementation of effective gardening techniques as part of our extensive experience in designing gardens. Furthermore, we create a plant list tailored to your site’s characteristics. Through this, we contribute to biodiversity and habitat conservation. But it’s not just butterflies that benefit. Other native species, such as birds, owls, and bees, also greatly benefit from our habitat creation efforts, as these gardens provide meaningful natural connections and crucial food sources.

Outdoor Living Spaces Contractors

We recognize that a complete and beautiful landscape requires care. Our caring hands can continuously deliver outdoor living services that shower your backyard with the love it deserves by fine-tuning it and regularly maintaining it. What’s more, we are always available to listen during the various phases of your project and can enhance your outdoor space with stone and paver work.

Do you need outdoor living spaces designs near you for your residential or commercial project? Turn to Highland Grove Landscape & Farm to create unique outdoor living areas. Ask us about our comprehensive landscaping services, whether design, installation, or maintenance. Let us help you keep your property looking great all year, from backyard to butterfly gardens, patios to walkways, and firepits.