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Create a Beautiful Outdoor with Pergolas

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm has over 24 years of experience beautifying outdoor spaces in Central Florida. We offer pergola and trellis installation services in Central Florida. Call (352) 394-3318 for a free estimate. 


Your outdoor space should be more than that empty space where you dump old furniture and toys. It should be the one place in your home where you can unwind and enjoy nature with your loved ones. Pergola and trellis help you create such an outdoor space. Each of these outdoor structures redefines your outdoor space in more ways than one. Contact us for pergola installation from our Central Florida landscaping design company.

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Pergolas and Trellises, What Are They?

A pergola is a type of open, outdoor structure made up of vertical posts that support an open lattice or cross-beam framework. This structure can be made of different materials, including vinyl, wood, and metal. The origin of pergolas dates several centuries ago, and over the years, they have gained significant popularity.

A trellis is a simple framework of horizontal cross pieces and flat vertical supports, unlike pergolas.


You can use a trellis to train plants like small trees, shrubs, or vines to grow up while attaching to an object. You can also use it as an excellent way to spice up your outdoor space, especially if you have a garden. Now that you know what pergolas and trellises are, let’s look at several benefits of adding one to your yard.

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Central Florida Outdoor Pergola Builders

We are outdoor pergola builders in FL, crafting custom wood and aluminum pergolas that transform your backyard into a stunning outdoor living space. Our pergola designs are tailored to enhance your lifestyle, whether you’re looking to add a sophisticated touch to your outdoor kitchen or seeking a stylish pool enclosure. Contact us to see how our pergola installation services can bring your outdoor vision to life.

Pergola Design and Installation

Explore custom pergola designs with Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, your local pergola company in Central Florida. We offer installation services for both wood and aluminum pergolas. Each design is customized to match your patio area or garden aesthetic, ensuring your new pergola is functional and a beautiful extension of your home.

Patio Pergola Installation in Central Florida

Transform your patio area with a custom-designed pergola. Ideal for extending your living space outdoors, our patio pergolas are built by skilled builders who specialize in creating seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors. Enhance your patio with a structure that provides shade and style, making it the perfect setting for entertaining or relaxing.

Garden Pergola Installation in Central Florida

Introduce the charm and functionality of a garden pergola into your landscape with Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm. Our garden pergola installation services include a custom approach to design, ensuring that each pergola complements the natural beauty of your garden while providing a comfortable, shaded area to enjoy the outdoors.

Trellis Design and Installation

Elevate your garden with our trellis design and installation services. At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we create bespoke trellises that serve as perfect backdrops for climbing plants or as standalone architectural elements in your garden. Available in various materials, our trellises are designed to withstand Florida’s climate while enhancing your outdoor space.


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Garden Trellis Installation Service

Add structure and beauty to your garden with our garden trellis installation services. These custom installations are perfect for supporting climbing plants, creating natural privacy screens, or adding visual interest. Our team at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm will help you choose the right materials and design to enhance your garden’s appeal.

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Outdoor Trellis Installation in Central Florida

Our outdoor trellis installation services in Central Florida provide you with custom solutions to add elegance and function to your outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to create a vine-covered entryway or a garden feature, our builders ensure each trellis is constructed to meet your specific aesthetic and practical needs.

Benefits of Adding a Backyard Trellis or Pergola

A Beautiful Garden Feature

In Florida’s pleasant climate, homeowners consider outdoor spaces a year-round environment. But no one wants to spend all that time outdoors in a bland environment. A backyard trellis or pergola can be the perfect show-stopping addition to your yard. With a pergola or trellis in your yard, you get to keep the beauty of your garden with a dash of modernity.

It’s an Extension of Your Home

Pergolas and trellises are the perfect way to blend your modern home interior with the outdoor space. You can continue the natural flow of your home’s interior by adding a trellis or pergola adjacent to your house’s exterior. With the right pergola design, you no longer have to limit your style to your home’s interior. You can bring it outside and have a beautiful extension to your home.

Transforms Your Backyard

Trellises and pergolas can transform a seemingly boring outdoor space into an undeniable beauty. The best part about a trellis installation is that you get to add an extra touch by growing vines, roses, honeysuckles, or wisteria.


For pergolas, you can add plants or hang pieces of colored fabric across the beams to give them an extra touch. Whatever styling and design you choose for a trellis or pergola, you can be certain that it will transform your backyard.


Sometimes, deciding if a particular pergola or trellis design is perfect for your yard can be tough. By consulting with a professional beforehand, you can choose the right backyard pergola or trellis for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for pergola installers, contact Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm today.

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Aluminum pergolas offer several advantages, making them a popular choice among Florida homeowners. These pergolas are durable, resistant to rust, and require minimal maintenance. They can withstand Florida’s humid climate and are ideal for coastal and inland environments. Additionally, an aluminum pergola can be customized in various colors and styles to match your home’s exterior.

Yes, at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we offer a free estimate for all our pergola and trellis installation services. Contact our pergola builder to schedule your consultation and receive your personalized quote.

Our pergola company excels in creating custom designs for unique spaces in FL, including specialized construction like screen enclosures. We tailor every project to meet the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of our clients, ensuring a perfect fit and function.