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Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is Sanford’s premier landscaping company. We offer landscaping design and installation, outdoor lighting installation, garden design and installation, outdoor fire pit installation, and interlocking paver installation. 

What sets us apart:


  • Over 24 years of experience
  • Knowledge of the climate in Sanford so we understand which plants and flowers flourish in this region.
  • We use the latest green technology to repair irrigation systems. 
  • We use sustainable winter-hardy planting designs that can hold up to humid summers and cool winters

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Landscaping Services in Sanford, Florida

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is Sanford’s trusted choice when transforming outdoor spaces without breaking the bank. Beautiful landscapes shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. Our team is dedicated to offering reliable landscaping solutions that merge artistry with functionality within a budget-friendly framework. From the simplicity of lawn care to the complexity of full-scale garden renovations, we make luxury landscaping accessible to everyone in Sanford. So whether you dream of an idyllic garden retreat, a functional hardscaped patio, or a well-maintained lawn, Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm ensures reliable Sanford, FL, landscaping services.

Sanford Landscaping Design Service

Our landscape design services transcend traditional boundaries at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm. Every space tells a story, and we’re here to narrate yours. Beyond plants and patios, we delve deep into the essence of space, infusing each design with character and soul. Our collaborative approach involves listening to and aligning your dreams and aspirations with our expertise. By harnessing both modern innovations and the timeless principles of landscaping, we curate spaces that are as functional as they are captivating. Each design we craft illuminates our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each outdoor space becomes an extension of the homeowner’s persona.

Landscape Installation in Sanford, FL

Elegance, sustainability, and precision form the cornerstone of our landscape installation at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm. Recognized as Sanford’s premier choice, our installations blend nature’s beauty and human craftsmanship harmoniously. Our selection process is rigorous; each plant is chosen based on its adaptability to the Sanford climate and potential to flourish. Every stone, water feature, and shrub is placed with a vision – ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. As we sculpt your landscape, our meticulous attention to detail ensures the final product is as visually appealing as possible.

Garden Design & Installation: Embracing Butterfly Gardens

At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we recognize the transformative power of nature. Our approach to garden design and installation is rooted in both the preservation and innovation of your outdoor space. Specializing in butterfly gardens, we carefully select plants and features that attract these beautiful pollinators, enhancing the biodiversity and beauty of your garden.

Our team considers the unique characteristics of your space, incorporating elements that complement its natural beauty while introducing new life. Whether you aspire to create a serene retreat filled with fluttering butterflies or a vibrant space that supports local ecology, we customize our designs to fit your vision and lifestyle. With Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, your garden becomes more than just a landscape; it evolves into a thriving ecosystem, celebrating its heritage and role in nurturing wildlife. The outcome is a dynamic, living garden where memories flourish, and new experiences take wing.

Interlocking Paver Installation: Creating Durable Walkways and Patios

Interlocking pavers are a popular and practical choice for constructing walkways and patios, offering durability, versatility, and a wide range of aesthetic options. At Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, we specialize in the design and installation of interlocking paver systems that not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces but also provide long-lasting functionality.

Interlocking pavers come in a variety of materials, including concrete, brick, and natural stone, each with its unique benefits. Concrete pavers are highly customizable and cost-effective, while brick offers a classic look and exceptional durability. Natural stone pavers, such as slate or limestone, provide a distinctive and elegant appearance.

Paver Driveways A Good Investment For Your Home

One of the main advantages of interlocking pavers is their versatility in design. They can be laid in various patterns and color combinations to match any architectural style or landscape design. Popular laying patterns include herringbone, basket weave, and running bond.

Proper installation is crucial for the longevity and effectiveness of interlocking pavers. Our process includes site preparation, which involves clearing the area, ensuring proper drainage, and laying a suitable sub-base. This is followed by placing a sand bed and the pavers themselves, then filling the joints with sand to lock them in place and prevent shifting.

Interlocking pavers are designed to withstand heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions, and temperature fluctuations, making them an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications. They are also easy to maintain and repair. If damaged, individual pavers can be replaced without redoing the entire structure.

Sanford Outdoor Fire Pit Installation

The allure of fire, with its entrancing dance and warm embrace, has captivated humanity since the dawn of time. It represents warmth, camaraderie, shared stories, and memories forged. Recognizing this deep connection, Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm offers outdoor fire features to your outdoor spaces. We’re not just setting up fire pits; we’re crafting experiences. Imagine a classic fire pit where family and friends huddle on chilly nights, toasting marshmallows and recounting tales. Or envisage a sophisticated fire bowl, its flames casting an elegant dance of shadows, elevating the ambiance of a refined outdoor gathering. Each fire feature is designed with safety at the forefront, ensuring peace of mind as you and your loved ones bask in its glow. 

Outdoor Lighting Installation

The transition from day to night doesn’t mean the beauty of your landscape should fade with the setting sun. With Highland Grove’s outdoor lighting solutions, we promise to cast your gardens and patios in a magical glow. Our approach to outdoor lighting goes beyond mere illumination; it’s about painting with light. Our experts assess the natural flow of your space, identifying areas where shadows might dance and where highlights can shimmer. From soft, diffused lighting that creates an intimate ambiance to bright, targeted lights illuminating pathways or features, we curate a lighting plan that complements every facet of your landscape. It’s not just about visibility but about creating mood, enhancing safety, and extending the beauty of your outdoor space into the night. With Highland Grove’s touch, every evening becomes a luminous experience in your outdoor haven.

Outdoor space night lightning

Design Your Outdoor Sanctuary Today!

We are committed to realizing your vision. From the intricacies of landscape design to the mastery of installation, our team offers unparalleled expertise and a genuine passion for bringing landscapes to life. Call (352) 394-3318 for landscaping services in Sanford, Florida.


Sanford, Florida: Where History Meets Natural Beauty

Situated on the serene Lake Monroe, Sanford, Florida, beautifully balances its rich history with contemporary allure. Its Historic Downtown captures the heart with well-preserved 19th-century edifices, unique shops, and diverse dining spots. Those seeking tranquility often gravitate towards the Sanford RiverWalk, which offers breathtaking lakeside views, perfect for reflective strolls and active jogs.


Animal and plant enthusiasts are drawn to the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, a showcase of over 400 captivating species and a range of native and tropical plants. For the culturally inclined, the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center stands as a beacon of the city’s artistic heartbeat, hosting an array of performances in its stunningly restored interior. Fort Mellon Park, with its waterfront beauty, and Bookertown Park, a tribute to Sanford’s African-American heritage, highlight the city’s commitment to green spaces and community unity. And not to forget, Sanford’s Paw Park ensures even our canine companions are catered to, making the city a delightful experience for all.


Sanford, in Seminole County, is a prime living destination in  Florida. With its suburban feel, it’s favored by families and young professionals and boasts a diverse community with most residents owning their homes.

As one of the earliest established cities in Central Florida, Sanford stands out for its historic charm. The city is characterized by its beautifully paved brick streets, sophisticated storefronts, majestic oak trees, and grand Victorian homes from the 19th century.

Sanford is situated approximately 20 miles to the northeast of Orlando.

Highland Grove  Landscaping & Farm stands out in landscaping in Sanford, FL, for our dedication to reliability, unbridled passion, and top-tier communication. Our team ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience with every project, delivering Sanford’s highest-quality landscaping services.

Every property has unique requirements and vision. Our team offers personalized consultations in which we assess your space, understand your preferences, and provide expert recommendations tailored to your property’s needs and aesthetic desires.

The duration of a landscaping project varies based on its complexity, size, and the services required. While some projects might take only a few days, larger and more intricate designs can span several weeks. We provide a detailed timeline tailored to your project during our initial consultation.

Quality landscaping enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property and increases its value. A well-maintained landscape provides a welcoming environment, can improve energy efficiency, and enhances the overall functionality of outdoor spaces.

Our team respects the existing elements of your garden. During the consultation, we’ll discuss which plants or features you’d like to retain, and we’ll incorporate them into the new design, ensuring a seamless blend of old and new.

While we focus on garden design and installation, including butterfly gardens, interlocking paver pathways, and patio areas, we create our designs with your existing lawn care maintenance routines in mind. Our goal is to complement and enhance your outdoor space by integrating new elements seamlessly with your lawn, using techniques that align with the sustainable management of your entire garden. This approach ensures a harmonious blend of all garden components, promoting a thriving, beautiful landscape that enhances your home’s curb appeal and functionality.