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How To Landscape Around An Outdoor Fire Pit

Having an eye catching fire pit is every homeowner’s dream. Outdoor fire pits are an excellent addition to your outdoor space, allowing family and friends to relax and catch up around the fire. It is also an excellent spot for hosting guests. There is something special in sitting around a fireplace at night, enjoying each other’s company as you keep warm. Beautifully designed fire pits are becoming quite popular in real estate, so they can add to your home’s visual appeal and value. The landscapers at Highland Grove understand our customers’ vision and offer quality landscaping tips to help you achieve the results you’re envisioning. While we offer landscaping services that can bring your vision for your outdoor fire pit to life, you can also build a fire pit yourself. 

Various Ideas For Fire Pit Design & Landscaping

Pick the Right Location

You must strategically place the fire pit for the safety of your household and property, as well as functionality and design. The right location will depend on the size of your outdoor space and other landscape elements already built or planted. In general, choose a safe spot that’s away from plants and other flammables. 

Your fire pit can be in the center of your garden so it stands out. However, keep in mind it is best to place your fire pit in a part of the garden where there isn’t high foot traffic. We recommend placing your fire pit where family and friends can spend time as they relax and enjoy nature, but you must also keep safety in mind. 

Design a Fire Pit Open to Growth

The fire pit landscaping ideas you use must consider plant growth and expansion. If you plan to expand your outdoor space in the future, you should build a fire pit that can expand to blend with updated landscape designs. Our landscapers can help evaluate your plan, so you can make an informed decision. You should find ideas that will look great now, but also not get in the way of future expansion. 

Do You Want a Fire Pit Above or Below the Ground

Fire pit designs are different. Depending on what your vision is, you can opt for below the ground or above ground fire pits. It all depends on the current layout of your landscape, specific needs, and design aesthetic. We recommend reviewing different ideas, designs, and styles of fire pits before you decide. If you need assistance, our landscapers can give you fire pit ideas that will meet your needs to design the best fire pit. 

Adequate Sitting Area

Most homeowners invest in fire pits so they have a cozy outdoor space to spend time with family and friends. It is crucial to make room for ample sitting space so you don’t compromise on comfort or safety while enjoying the fire. Permanent sitting areas are becoming popular in modern outdoor fire pit designs because they are made with concrete and non-flammable materials which guarantee safety. You can then decorate the permanent sitting area with cushions and pillows to create a captivating look. You can also use movable outdoor furniture so the space is flexible. 

Choose the Right Furniture

The furniture you choose to place around your outdoor fire pit will impact  the look and feel of your fire pit landscaping. You need comfortable benches or chairs with colors that compliment your current landscape. For example, choose pale colors to help you create a classy, fun look. A few colorful throw pillows are perfect if you would like to change up the theme every once in a while. To create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere for your family, we recommend purchasing neutral furniture then using different throw pillows to update the style with the seasonality. 

Choose Safe Plants

When looking for ideas for landscaping around a fire pit, the plants you have in your garden are not always the best option. With a fire pit, you must evaluate your desired plants for fire risk factors. Choose plants that are not flammable to avoid accidents. It is also vital to avoid planting your shrubs and flowers near the fire pit. Creating a border will help define the garden, but you can also grow safe plants near the fire pit in pots.

Build a Wall Around Your Fire Pit

Other Considerations

Erecting a concrete wall that is slightly raised around the fire pit guarantees safety for toddlers playing in the garden. The wall should not be too high or it blocks the flames, but high enough to keep little ones safe. With our professional team of landscapers in Clermont, FL, you can get the best recommendations on walls suitable for your fire pit. At the end of the day, you should go for a fire pit design that impresses without compromising on safety. You can even match certain colors on the wall for a more elegant look.

Pick the Ideal Landscapers for Your Project

You can bring all your landscaping ideas to life by working with the right team of landscapers. Luckily, Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is committed to helping you design the perfect garden for your needs. Reach out to us to get the best value for your money on your outdoor fire pit design.

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