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Spring Lawn & Garden Care Tips

Many people are influenced to buy a home because of the landscape, meaning caring for your garden and lawn can maintain or even raise the value of your home. What people see on the outside determines how they feel about the inside of your home. If your outdoor space is captivating, it reflects the beauty of the interior, which is what you want to accomplish. Lawns and gardens can be easily maintained by following simple strategies and steps that help avoid damage and get your landscaping ready for Spring.

Your Guide to Spring Landscaping

Preparing for spring helps your garden and lawn continue blooming with healthy flowers and plants. Some homeowners do not know what they should do in their garden before spring starts; thus, they have difficulty getting their lawns ready. Below are a few tips that can help you understand how to get your lawn ready for spring:

Clean Your Garden

Clean and clear leaves and twigs from your lawn that fell during fall. Cleaning is essential to not only remove all the trash, but also prepare your garden for the new season and growth. Cleaning also ensures that pests don’t affect your plants. Think of cleaning as giving your plants a new slate to grow. Though you can use your hands, most homeowners use rakes to make the job faster. However, you must be careful to ensure you do not cause damage to your plants when raking. For a neat and well-done job, you can call professional lawn cleaning services in Central Florida, in preparation for spring.


Weeds make a perfect lawn look unpresentable and affect the growth rate of your plants as they compete with weeds for nutrients. Weeds tend to grab soil nutrients before plants are able to, hence they can grow better than plants. You should remove the weeds early before spring to save time and prepare your garden for the new season. Thorough weeding is essential to remove undesirable plants in your garden that may spread and damage your plants. Keep in mind that some weeds wait for spring to start growing since they perform well in that climate. Keep an eye out to ensure you do not let weeds spread when spring starts. This will ensure you have a presentable lawn.

Apply Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizers and weed killers are an essential addition when preparing your lawn for spring. Before the new season begins, use suitable fertilizer for your plants in addition to weed killers to prepare the plants and soil for spring. You can easily avoid the persistent weeds that grow during spring when you apply fertilizers before and shortly after spring begins. If you are not sure which fertilizers to use, you can consult professional landscapers who will advise you on the best fertilizer for your landscape and plant types. Using pre-emergent weed control before spring will also save money and help you maintain your lawn during spring.

Prepare Your Mower and Garden Equipment

Mowing is essential to keep your lawn looking its best. That’s why we recommend you get your mower ready for spring. You will have to mow often to maintain an attractive and tidy outdoor space. You should tune your lawnmower by changing the spark plugs and clean the air filter. You should also change the engine oil and sharpen the blade from top to bottom. Additionally, you should consider lubricating all the ball bearings and moving parts. However, you should read the owner’s manual before performing this work.

Most Spring lawn care tips include regular mowing for a reason: it helps you avoid damaging the roots of your grass. When you wait for the grass to grow taller than average, mowing can rip the roots. It is also advisable to mow your grass often so you can avoid the difficulty of mowing tall grass, which can be much more difficult. How often you should mow your outdoor space depends on the thickness and growth rate of your grass. You can also hire professional experts for mowing services to take that task off your plate. 

Trim Your Plants

Trimming is a delicate process that requires skills and precision. You can trim your lawn yourself or hire our professional landscaper team to help prepare for spring. Trimming your shrubs and trees is essential for the garden to remain healthy, so don’t skip this task. You should wait for flowering shrubs to produce flowers before trimming so you can trim without destroying the branches and limbs that produce flowers. A properly trimmed garden will have a healthy growth rate that will be easy to maintain during spring.

Start Looking for a Landscaping Designer Early

Spring is a season where every commercial and residential property owner hires landscaping services. This means most landscaping services get fully booked during spring. Since these companies are professionals, they will be committed to the job they were booked for and may not find the time to work on your garden.

Don’t Wait to Hire Your Landscape Designer

Landscaping design requires attention to detail to achieve the ideal results. You have to find a professional landscaper that offers spring landscaping care and can also cater to your project on time. Being prepared will help you avoid damage from unprofessional or inexperienced services and also save on the cost of services delivered. 

Another reason why early booking of landscapers is essential is avoiding the congestion of last-minute customers. If you book right before or during Spring, you may have to wait before you get what you want, which may not work for your garden’s well-being. Having a  landscape designer scheduled and ready to care for your garden will ensure you save on cost and prevent damages due to inadequate maintenance of the lawn.

Following the tips in this article will help you achieve a healthy and captivating lawn during spring. Preventing damage is better than handling the damage because it’s much more costly to repair a damaged lawn than perform routine maintenance. Set aside time and do all of the above tips or call our company to get a professional and skilled landscaper to help you.

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