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How To Create a Modern Landscape Design

Modern landscape designs for Central Florida homes require experience and skills with the best plant types and designs to avoid making mistakes that can set you back. Choosing the right design and plants is a vital step in the landscape design process. This is essential when creating a modern landscaping design for homes or businesses in Lake County. Below are some of the dos and don’ts of modern landscape designs that will help you understand your landscape better.

Things You Should Do

Create Complementary Designs

The designs you utilize must complement your home so your landscaping stands out without looking out of place. How you achieve a modern landscape design will depend on your home’s appearance and architecture, as well as your taste. But before settling on any design, it is essential to step outside and visualize what you have in mind. You can even draw and map out the exact design to see if it will blend with your home. It is also good to reach out to experts to get modern landscaping tips that will work well for your specific space.

Choose the Right Landscaping Plants

Your landscape is defined by the plants you grow. Therefore, the plants you choose are essential to your landscape design. Take time to evaluate all the available plants before making your final decision.  It is best to have plants that are easy to maintain to make your garden appealing, yet manageable as overgrowing plants detract from your landscape. Understanding how the plants grow, their blooming pattern, spreading level, and maintenance needs is important so you know if the selected plants will thrive in your environment. 

After choosing the ideal plants for your landscape, you have to strategize how you plant and arrange them for optimal growth. Understanding how each plant grows and their canopy size will help you choose the correct planting positions. Keep in mind, the spacing between your plants needs to be adequate for future growth, so don’t plant them too close together. As you can see, the plant cover can be one of the most significant determinants of how the landscape looks once fully grown.

Create Borders

Having clear and defined borders is essential when designing a modern landscape. Borders accentuate your yard and keep your outdoor space and plants looking neat. Every part of your property can easily be outlined with a border, or you can choose to plant borders around plant beds. Borders will help you separate garden beds and lawns to create symmetry in your garden and make your outdoor space stand out.

Choose Pale Colors

Consider using pale colors to give the garden a classy feel for your modern landscape design. Pale colors will help your yard stand out without clashing too heavily with other design elements. For this reason, consider painting your borders, fence, and walkways pale colors to compliment the natural surroundings. Neutral colors blend well with nature, making your outdoor space look more natural, which is the goal of most of our clients.

Things You Should Avoid

Don’t Overcrowd Plants

Overcrowding plants in your landscape sets you up for failure. Overcrowded plants make outdoor spaces look unkempt, unattractive, and not cared for. This also affects the plants’ health because they do not have the needed space to grow. Furthermore, it is hard to prune and maintain overcrowded plants. Inevitably the shaded leaves will  also pile up, creating a breeding ground for pests and diseases. 

Don’t Follow Trends

Do not invest in landscaping design trends because they may fail to blend in with your home and design. Trends can also die off quickly, leaving you left with an unappealing space you may need to redo. Remember that color and design trends will not last forever, so focus on a look that will sustain your landscape over a long period. 

As we have mentioned, color trends tend to fade. On top of that, if you follow trends, you may never identify your landscaping style, which may lead to even more changes down the line. These changes and updates can be pricey and frustrating. 

Don’t Copy Other Landscapes

Like trends, copying other landscapes may be a bad idea. You need to remember all landscapes are different based on the property’s layout, climate, and homeowner’s design style. When installing modern landscape designs, you must ensure you choose designs that will be suitable for your home and family. Do not get caught up in what your neighborhood is doing. You can customize your design to create not only an inviting landscape. but also a unique design for your property. However, some communities require standardization across all properties. You should consider this before making a decision. 

Don’t Ignore Creating Pathways

Most people neglect creating well-defined paths and entrances for their homes and gardens. It is hard to know where you are supposed to walk without damaging the plant life. Furthermore, pathways create symmetry and provide well-designed areas if done properly. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate pathways in your landscaping project to create an inviting outdoor space. When designing paths, strategy is essential to help protect your plants, create symmetry and improve the overall appeal. 

Our landscaping company has been serving homes in Florida for two decades. We help our clients create the modern outdoor space they desire, while adapting to changes as they come. We have professional landscapers ready to help! We are experienced and skilled in transforming an old landscape design into a modern one that will stand. Reach out to our team to start designing your modern landscape!

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