Plants For Winter Landscaping In Florida

What Are The Hardiest Plants For Winter Landscaping in Florida?

Evolution is beautiful; it allows plants and animals to survive even in the most challenging conditions. Ideally, green plants will have a sufficient amount of water, sunlight, oxygen, and a specific temperature to thrive. Furthermore, many experts believe that at least 10 hours of sunlight is needed for most plants to grow correctly. And this is the very reason why many lawns in Florida shrivel up in the winter. In such harsh conditions, many plants struggle to survive, let alone thrive. That is why it is important to grow hardy winter plants in areas such as Florida. 

Types Of Plants For Your Landscape In Clermont, FL

The climate in Florida can support a variety of beautiful plants that will blend with the landscape and home design throughout the year. Are you wondering what plants are best for winter?  We recommend evaluating some examples below before choosing what to get for your outdoor space:

Asiatic Jasmine

You can have an amazing landscape during the winter by planting Asiatic Jasmine. This plant is used as a ground cover and can be a suitable replacement in areas where grass does not do well. Asiatic Jasmine is tough and hardy but looks amazing when well maintained, forming a ground cover that will make your home stand out. Like many hardy plants, Asiatic Jasmine takes time to grow, but once the plant is fully developed, you will be impressed by its coverage and beauty in your outdoor space. The plant is generally deep green but can vary in color depending on the species. This means you can have different shades of green in your yard, giving it a great contrast of colors.

Drift Rose

Drift roses are shrub-like plants that grow to about two feet and thrive in the Florida climate. They are a cross between miniature roses and groundcover roses. Drift roses need little care and are cold hardy plants that thrive in most harsh climate conditions. 

Since regular roses don’t do well in Florida, this is a good alternative. Having a rose shrub in your property elevates its beauty and highlights the elegance associated with the flower. The size of the plant makes it easy to fit in a variety of landscapes and adds color to the design throughout the year. The flowers come in different fragrances and shades, depending on the species you want. In the early stages, fertilizing, watering, and trimming are important to ensure the plant grows properly and healthily.


Camellias are great plants to grow if you’re looking for colorful accents to add to your landscape during the winter. This plant is known for being hard to grow, but planting them under trees that provide broken shade makes the growth process a lot easier. They are evergreen shrubs that are highly prized for their frequent blooms throughout the winter and spring.

Even though they are slow growers that require plenty of water when they’re young, they eventually grow tall with flossy leaves that stay shiny all year. Camellias bloom between late winter and early spring with overlapping petals, much like those of the rose, making this flower a good substitute for roses. 


The Podocarpus is a handsome, hardy shrub with fine-textured foliage that works very well as a background plant. Though a moderately slow-growing shrub, it is known for needing very little care. It’s considered to be an easily trained plant to grow into the decorative shapes you’re looking for and will fit even in narrow areas around your yard.

The foliage the Podocarpus provides looks excellent as a formal hedge giving your landscape a luxurious look. It can also be left to grow more naturally, even to the point of a tree forming a large oval shape. These shrubs grow large enough to cover unsightly things around the house, and its female plants can produce edible purple berries after its flowering season if grown near a male plant.

Spartan Juniper

If you’re looking for a durable tree that’s both hardy and able to withstand hot temperatures in Florida, the Spartan Juniper would be the tree you’re looking for. This tree is drought-tolerant and requires very little maintenance while staying green all year long. It’s very fast-growing and requires more frequent watering only during the first month after planting.

It grows large and retains its pyramidal shape without being clipped though, the Spartan Juniper responds very well to pruning, especially if you want to shape it into a spiral, making it a great choice for topiary training. Its dense branches are well suited for wind-breaking and privacy screens. This tree is an excellent choice for more compact yards because it fits perfectly in narrow areas.

Highland Grove is a landscaping company offering full-service options to cater to the landscaping needs of homes and businesses in Central Florida. The hardy winter plants offered by our company are quality and well-maintained, ideal for any landscape. Our company has been serving customers for two decades, providing a great customer experience and communication. We have a nursery where we grow some of the best outdoor plants for winter for all your landscaping needs. Come by to check out our best outdoor winter plants!

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